Summer Garden Square #2 PICOT EDGE STARFLOWER

Row 1 – chain six, join with slip stitch.

Row 2 – Chain up 3 plus two (first DC, chain 2) repeat for 8 spokes in ring.

Row 3 – Petals, yarn over create 4 YO puff on each spoke, chain one between, close with slip stitch.

Row 4 – SC 4 times in each chain one space, repeat around (32 sc’s)

Row 5 – SC in each SC, 32 SC’s.

Row 6 – Join with SC, chain 2 skip one, (16 sc’s, chain 2 spaces)

Row 7 – 3 DC’s each chain space, repeat around, 16 groups of 3

Row 8 – SC three times, FPTRC and catch SC, 3 SC’s- repeat around, 16 spokes, 16 groups 3 SC

Row 9 – Into middle SC, 4 DCS, repeat around,

Row 10 – 4 SC’s, FPDC over spoke, repeat around, 16 Spokes, 16 sets $ SC

Row 11 – Into center of 4 SC’s previous round, work 4 DC’s in same stitch, then around spoke Petal, as for beginning flower, YO 4 times, chain one to close. Repeat around 16 petals, 16 groups of 4 DC’s

Row 12 – Picot edge – join in any single crochet after petal, SC, in next stitch 2 HDCS, next stitch 3 DCs, picot at center DC, in same stitch. 2 HDC’s 1 SC, FPSC around petal. Repeat around. 16 times.


Summer garden

Designing a new block, for Bam Cal 2023 in Ravelry – for testing purposes in my group. The Final pattern will be a downloadable PDF. Copyright by Adrienne Wilson

tester code for Rav – TEST-AW-9ELMSF Summer Garden

Summer Garden is a textured square with a raised flower. Round by round images follow each row. The square can be made as a 6″‘ or larger. I used a 4″ hook, and primarily yarn from Stylecraft on these first samples, but, I loved the color ranges in Wool of the Andes as well.

Summer Garden
Flower Crochet Square

Design by Adrienne Wilson – copyright Adrienne Wilson – all rights reserved.

Row 1 – chain 6 and join with slip stitch to close.

Row 2 – chain 5 (acts as first DC, chain 2) 7 more DC chain 2’s in ring, gives you 8 spokes. Slip stitch to close.

Row 3 – around each DC, yarn over and pull up a loop 4 times, chain one to close, chain one. Repeat until each spoke has a petal top. Slip stitch to close. (8 petals, 8 chain one spaces)

Row 4 – add new color, in any SC space, two SC’s, FPSC around each flower petal. Repeat 7 times. Slip stitch into first SC to close. (16 SC’s 8 FPSC)

Row 5 – SC in all SC’s. Slip stitch to close (25 SC’s)

Row 6 – In any SC, with new color join with an SC. Chain 3, skip one, SC. Repeat around circle. 12 or 13 chain 3 spaces. Slip stitch into first SC to join – Keep yarn same for round 7. (Use 13 if making larger square)

Row 7 – 3 DC’s into each chain three space from previous round, chain one between each group. (12 or 13 groups of 3 DC’s)

Row 8 – In first DC of a 3 DC group, SC in next three DC’s. FPTC and catch SC from round 6, SC in next three DC’s. Repeat around (13 FPTC – 13 3 SC)

Row 9 – Join new color at top of FPSC, Chain 3 as first DC, 3 DC’s in same space,skip to middle stitch and repeat 4 DC groups around. (12 DC groups) or 13 for larger square.

Row 10 – Join new color in any SC row 9 between two DC Clusters — chain three (as DC) chain 2, SC in space between the two DC’s chain two and make FPDC around spoke, repeat around. (12 DC’s total). (or 13 for larger square)

Row 11 — Join new color, SC around any DC spoke, proceed to make petals, as you did in round three –yarn over 4 times, close with chain 1, in next SC space atop DC clusters, make DC chain one DC. Repeat around — 12 petals, 12 V stitches.

Row 12 – Join new color, in any 2 DC cluster, in one chain space between with a SC. Chain 5 and skip to next chain one space – repeat around. Slip stitch into first SC, do not change yarn for next round.

Row 13 – Chain one, in next chain space, one SC, two HDC, two DC, two HDC, one SC – repeat around. (12 Petals) Join to first SC with slip stitch to close round.

Row 14 — Flip work, you are working on wrong side. SC around each SC from previous round. Chain 5, continue around anchoring stitches with an SC, and chain 5 all around.

Next rows will begin to build the square, behind the circle, and create our corners.

Row 15 — working with wrong side facing, slip stitch into the first chain five space. In each space make 6 DC’s around. (12 DC groups) (13 for larger) You will be crocheting looking at the right side, but don’t worry! The row is well hidden, when we flip work back.

Row 16 – First corners.

For small square – use strips of yarn to mark for corners, each group of three 6 DC’s. 2 DCs 1 SC, 2 DC’s – FPHDC in all stiches until next corner. Repeat around.

This pattern will give you the 6 inch block. For the larger block, which has a fancy new edge and embroidery, that will be going into the PDF. The small square is for testing purposes.

ROW 10 — PETAL — V stitch — PETAL – no spaces (18 petals) V stitch between, no spaces except chain one in V stitch between DC’s.

Bella Bralette Crochet

I’ve been crocheting, and it has helped.

Best thing?

Being in Ravelry, where you can find me as Adrienne101.

The Bella is my first design and you can download it free there for a time.

Going to provide support here on my blog for those who might want to make it and thinking about making a place in FB as well.

You can find me at this link, I am going to be doing some pattern design. You can also get the PDF, for the pattern. I’m working with gorgeous yarns from Scheepjes in both the Catona and Stonewashed ranges. The colors are so stunning, and making it up has been a dream, on a 3mm. It’s very lacy and charming. My first mock-up was in berry shades and the second is called “Aegean” so you can see how it works up.

Find the yarns here…

Wishing you some beauty,


Bright little strings, crochet

They seem to be helping, a little. So I am waiting on some boxes of actual yarn that the designer Janie Crow used for her magnificent Fruit Garden CAL. Not having the actual yarn has been strange because I can’t do the colors? She uses yarns from Stylecraft for this in a mix.

I have been practicing. The Acanthus motif is the most fantastic, I mean, just to do that one.

So I have almost made all the flowers, with scraps of different kinds of yarn. I can see why Hollyhock was her favorite, it is gorgeous. She has such a signature style on the leaves and all the picots. Last summer I was in the big box and saw a magazine – Crochet and the scarf on the cover. I knew it was her! So there you have it.

The Maltese Cross in the center of Acanthus is such a stunner. The kits were sold out, so trying to find the yarn was maddening. I can’t get Parchment so I had to settle for Cream. So this is Hollyhock.

I had some Caron Cakes in blues. I think this will be the type of yarn I will be receiving. So I didn’t have any pink, drat. Winging it in blue. The main thing is to try for each.

The main thing is to say no matter how terrible everything seems, keep going. At the end, you will have this gorgeous thing.

So these color ranges from Stylecraft, just wow. You can find her free patterns for things here.

Waiting on the yarn boxes is like kid in a candy store. In the UK they have DK weight, and these yarns are called DK Life, and Batik. Both are wool blends. The Caron Cake is also that mixture and so I was really happy to shade with the blue.

I couldn’t get Blue Haze and it is killing me, anyway, we shall see, soon.

Strings of yarn as solace, in this time.

I’m trying to remember the colors that I ordered, and just wow. I have way more than the ones in the kit coming, because I knew I would have to make substitutes.

Chalk Paint, inspirations…


This is the brushy style you get over old orange oak.  It looks beachy but you can still see all the grain in places.  This is three coats of the paint and a few little design elements I picked up for very little that are holding the theme together.


Some of the knobs for the cabinets.  I have 12 like this for the uppers and they are all different, which is making a charming look, as if you are opening Delft flowers, against the beachy creamy white.


The paint is very soft looking.  You wax it, so this is the wax I got.


One of the really interesting things about this wax is that you can add some of the paint to it?  I loved that and I watched a video on that at their site.  There are lots of videos in youtube on how people are using this type of paint.  It’s a first for me.

I’m really loving this idea of creating a tinted wax with the paint.  You can watch that here.





A Delft blue and white

I’m just going to start with Purdy, and the sweet little brush I got yesterday at Ace Hardware.  And the Valspar paint that hatched the designer in me.  “Delphinium Corsage.”IMG_0994

I fell in love with the blue ranges on the Valspar paint chips.


It has taken me about a year to really think the project through as you can see.  That was my first little sample can.  I got three.  For $9.99 each.

Delphinium Blues

All last January through June I looked at the Delphiniums I planted.  They were “Magic Fountains” strain, and as we move into fall they are still going.  But these are flowers for next year.  When I start to think of the Holidays coming, I feel like baking.  But not in Pumpkin Spice.

This is a big project.

I’m going slow.

This is not an expensive project.

This is a roll up your sleeves and redesign an ugly duckling into something gorgeous.

Check this out!

artist tools

This is a project about kindness.

Imagine that you have a pumpkin spice kitchen and you want Delft blue and white.

I’m so happy with my new Purdy brush.  They are the best, and I’m using a brushy style for the fronts of the cabinet doors using that chalk paint, but this brush is going to make all the difference in the finish I get.

It’s made here in America, and I’m proud of that fact.

I’ll be keeping you posted on a daily basis about how things are looking and how I am using my tools.

Ace Hardware gave me free brushes last fall when I bought some primer, and my first two cans of Satin finish Valspar in white for the walls.





Advertorial experiences, Testing, learning curve, Portfolio

Good morning to WordPress and for admins.  Just doing some testing here in the Premium blog on features available and what is happening as a user of WordPress under this new Gutenberg style.  By the way, I would not want to blog any other place than WordPress?  So the idea of not sharing how great WP is?  Doesn’t work for me.  I have already recommended it to friends in Europe and an American artist and surfer I know over in FB.  So, what if I didn’t want my WP ads turned off?  I don’t!  Even though I bought “Premium.”

More thoughts this morning.  I did a test Advertorial post over in “Portfolio” because I am loving Gutenberg really so very much.  It’s the really lush pictures I can make so, super happy about that.

I am loving my delphiniums (in Gutenberg)!

Delphinium Blues

So, I am not sure where “Portfolio” went?  In terms of my blog, and how that will be as working with WordAds as a concept so testing all this and has the results for Jon Burke whose articles I was reading this morning.

It’s not clear about tagging vs not tagging or linking vs not linking on the WordAds concept so I can try that two different ways.  In this I am really supporting American made products in this redesign, for instance Purdy paint brushes that I love.  It had trouble on the upload for the one I got yesterday and I am about to use that one today!  So… showing that?  Was it the name I used?  Not sure.

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 12.03.27 PM

It was a close up of a picture I put in FB this morning.  I’m super happy with the way it looked?  So just showing you for admin style…

These photos are all mine but I’m not copyrighting them?

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 12.08.40 PM

Purdy is a really fab American brush company.  I have gotten their brushes all my life.  One thing I want to do with this advertorial thing is to show all the “real local people” at places like Ace that are helping me here in town.  So a huge deal for me?  Americans in American jobs.

I loved what I saw about WP up in Detroit?

I watched that.  Loved that.

Anyway not clear on the social media aspects quite yet, but looking around at how others are blogging a bit and have seen some great examples this morning.

I can’t seem to “share” my Portfolio project that I just wrote and I think I see why?  So this is for the WordPress Happiness Engineers.

My old blog Valentine Bonnaire and the children’s book I wrote were ways that I could share from WP in the PAST?

The way I am sharing to FB NOW is as myself, as – or and that should be linked to my real FB “self” so here was a pic I just took:

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 1.29.53 PM

I think I made those pages in FB back in 2009 which was the year I even joined FB?  I was blogging in those years as my nom de plume and that was a book I wrote that I intend to promote here on my real WP blog as soon as I can figure out how in Woo Commerce and maybe with the business plan here in WP – hmm. Things are starting to make sense!  My Gravatar is now linked to MY REAL FB!  Hugs, and onward.

I ❤ WordPress!











Ethics, Advertorial, WordAds, continued…

How to make Advertorial “ethical” in WordPress, because, WordPress is ethical.  It’s run by a Capricorn.  I’m one too, so…

I have been talking about styles of advertorial and what I might use “Profile” for to write up an advertising campaign?

I’m doing a redesign with paint, and let me show you how an artist does a thing like this, because the project began last October, can you believe it?

With one tiny can of Valspar Paint called “Delphinium Corsage.”

I fell in love with the paint chip.  Three paint chips actually.

Paint changes everything.

If writing an Advertorial that is also a testimonial, show the pictures!


Valspar had me at the name “Delphinium Corsage” because I love the flowers.


How do you begin to describe a name for a paint color like that?

Artists made that color.


I loved the blue.

At my local hardware store, they mixed the color for me in a little test can.


Then I began to think how pretty blue and white was going to look.

I bought some little Spanish plates,  and some little flower plates from China at Pier One, along this theme.  I decided I’d make a statement on the walls with these.  Here are the patterns:



So, if I am going to write an Advertorial as a Testimonial, I’m actually going to walk you through how I did things.

Because I am an artist.

If I am going to write for WordAds, and the words are going out all over the world?

Valspar might want to see how they have inspired me.

What a company like theirs might want is to show the paints as ads?

Especially after I show the transformation.

In a case like this I might use “Portfolio” and put links?

I’m not sure how WordAds will work yet, but I am  loving Gutenberg.









Valspar “Delphinium Corsage”


Designing a fresh look in a tired old house starts with Paint.

I chose Valspar because my local Ace Hardware store is so charming.    I have been shopping with Home Improvement as long as I can remember, and I even had a job there just out of High School when a friend of my mother’s ran a store in the area that is now Kitchen Supplies called “Freeport Imports.”

I love shopping there, and the men in the Paint Department are so kind.  It’s a neighborhood place, with lots of staff that answer every question.

It has taken months to decide on the right colors.

I had these gorgeous Valspar paint chips last Christmas.  I think the names of the colors made me happy.  So I got three of the tiny test cans for $9.99 – mixed for me.


I have to admit “Delphinium Corsage” had me at the name, but so did “Zydeco” and so did “Deep Ocean Floor.”  I got those three.


So these are the knobs I found.

I’m doing the kitchen over in a very fresh blue and white scheme, and the quality on the Valspar Paint is just exceptional.   I loved Deep Ocean Floor so much I decided to have the paint man do one quart of exterior to paint some trim on the outside.   For months I have played around with these chips and propped them next to things.

In the end I decided on a chalk finish for the cabinetry, that I can wax.  But the interiors of the drawers and cabinets themselves will go totally Valspar, as will the walls.

I want the kitchen to feel like walking into a patch of Pacific Giant Delphiniums, or Magic Fountains Delphiniums.

I will keep you posted.