Bella Bralette Crochet

I’ve been crocheting, and it has helped.

Best thing?

Being in Ravelry, where you can find me as Adrienne101.

The Bella is my first design and you can download it free there for a time.

Going to provide support here on my blog for those who might want to make it and thinking about making a place in FB as well.

You can find me at this link, I am going to be doing some pattern design. You can also get the PDF, for the pattern. I’m working with gorgeous yarns from Scheepjes in both the Catona and Stonewashed ranges. The colors are so stunning, and making it up has been a dream, on a 3mm. It’s very lacy and charming. My first mock-up was in berry shades and the second is called “Aegean” so you can see how it works up.

Find the yarns here…

Wishing you some beauty,


Scheepjes CAL 2020

This was Herbarium in the Stonewashed colorway – so incredibly gorgeous! We have begun.

Watch this gorgeous video from Scheepjes!

Very exciting because it started today! I bought the kit for Herbarium in the cottons because I knew that Esther would be doing the tutorials in youtube. I love Esther’s Youtube channel and actually I feel that she might have taught me to crochet, by watching. But she also has projects and uses Scheepjes exclusively perhaps. It is gorgeous yarn. I had ordered some of their colors and skeins to try them out and to see the colors.

It was exciting to see the box of cotton colors, wow. This is the book we are to be reading along as well.

This is the first youtube Esther has been kind to make.

I bought many skeins of the Color Crafter yarn, not for this kit but to try it. The colors!

So I went off on my own tangent, a little with this design. I have just come from doing Janie Crow’s Fruit Garden CAL and because of the virus. I had much yarn left over, especially in the Batik ranges and so while the cotton will be my most special blanket, these colors that I got! I also got the little box of swatches, their tiny balls so I could see all the colors as an artist. For me they are like paints, and I have loved to crochet with them. This yarn is going to be a keeper for me for many reasons. So the first rounds I made with two of the Scheepjes colors Alphen and Dordrecht – gorgeous. I put them with some Batik and I am calling that the Oceanology version, as I will be choosing the colorway. It’s gorgeous yarn. I am using a hook that was a Loops and Threads kit hook here in US, a 3.75mm. I have already crocheted the lace version with this, you can see that here:

You are seeing the Alphen and Dordrecht from Scheepjes in the large balls above.

Below you see another two favorites of mine, Teal and Indigo, in the stash I have left over from Janie’s — like most artists we want ALL THE COLORS and with paint we mix them? — I am having so much fun. So thanks to these gorgeous yarn companies from overseas and these CALS, because, sigh, beauty can come from all of this having to stay in.

I was trying out some little sea motifs with the gorgeous yarn in the sampler box, above. I also tried some of their Secret Garden, above.

I have so much yarn now, I feel I have something to work with, for all the color I love.

I am going to do a sea and sky colorway I will choose, and follow the designer with her gorgeous Herbarium. Esther is also doing Herbarium in her tutorials, so I will be back with it, as well as talking about the book. I think they have groups in FB doing it, but I am off FB in the moment. I prefer WP and that is just that.



In Ravelry I am Adrienne101, you can see these pictures in there as well.

Yarn as paint

That is how I have been feeling as I complete the Fruit Garden CAL designed by Janie Crow. To explain how I feel about all things Brit goes back to being 13 and getting Mary Quant so, well, getting this gorgeous yarn from Stylecraft is a bit like that. But so is this pattern as it is a real design by an artist. So you can check out her other designs!

So, I wasn’t able to get a kit with the correct colors and it was a mad hunt trying to think what to use, but, the colors that I chose remind me of Brideshead Revisited, many moons ago. The original.

I wish I could show you this pile of colors I have had to work with, but here is an idea of that.

I am crazy over the Batiks, especially the Inky Navy. The Hollyhock motif is my favorite, but I love the orange in the dusky orange, and Old Gold.

This DK weight of yarn is new to me, and I love it.

I had to sub Cream for the Parchment as it was sold out, and I was really worried because I wanted that butterscotch feel of the antique version she designed. I think Cream will work with the Caramel.

That the DK Life range has wool in it, has been fantastic. Just that little bit of wool seems to make all the difference. There aren’t yarns here like this. So it’s like getting a box of very happy paints.

I want it to come off as the 20’s. Over in Ravelry they said “Romantic” – well yes, I suppose so.

Oh boy more yarn is coming soon. I was really tempted once I saw that Duck Egg Nepp. So I may go for this all over again in greens and purples. The cream colored Nepp as a backdrop and the Duck as border.

Just thinking of Waugh, and listening to the voiceover…. this is one of the most gorgeous things you will ever watch. I saw it was on Tubi TV.

So happy with this yarn.

This gorgeous design.

Tea is in order.

I switched the leaves in the center. Fern and Gorse Nepp.


Almost there.

Almost in that beauty that is England.