ADAPTATION of my novel “Where” to screenplay Day 2

Where I Laid Me Down To Sleep by Adrienne Wilson

c. Adrienne D. Wilson – all rights reserved

You can find the characters Brittany and her therapist Tasha here in the novel:

Photo by SHVETS production on


Tasha meets BRITTANY 14 and her MOTHER 45 in the lobby. She leads them back to her office where they both sit down on the couch. Brittany’s eyes are hollow. She stares blankly into space. Her mother is deeply tanned and wrinkled before her time. She seems like an 80 year old. They have been referred by the school counselor to the clinic where Tasha works pro-bono.


(eyes looking deeply at both of them, back and forth)

What brings you in?


I can’t help her. I can’t raise a grandchild at this time in my life.


(sinking back into the pillows, slight tears beginning to well up)


(eyes on Brittany)

I understand.


(barely audible)

I love him.


(looks at Brittany)

Can we bring the boy and his family into next session?



No way. I have already spoken to his father myself and he’s going to college. He doesn’t want anything to do with this baby.


Have the children spoken about this?


No, I don’t want her to ever see him again.  She is going to take care of this and that is final.


Their are options for her.


No, there aren’t.


I’d like to see Brittany alone for the rest of the session.




Because I need to speak with her.


(exits, slamming door in a huff)


Are you okay Brittany?




There are lots of options for you to choose from, honey.


I just want to be with him.


I know.


He doesn’t even care.


I know it must feel like that.


He told me he loved me.


Have you seen him again?


He doesn’t want to.

He said he never wanted to see me again, and that his father was really angry with him


(tears start to well, up, close in on her eyes)

Honey, I’m so sorry.


(in tears, reaches for Kleenex tissues)

I guess I’m going to have to do what my mom wants.


I’d like it if you could bring he and his father in, Brittany.


They won’t.


I think that seeing them might be one of your options, and there are others.


I don’t have any options.


Yes you do, honey.


I don’t feel like it.


(gets brochures from her desk)

I’m going to refer you to a few places I know of.


I just want to be with him.


I know, honey.

I’m going to go get your Mom to come back in.

Tasha goes back to lobby where her next client is waiting, to retrieve Brittany’s mother who seems calmer. They walk down the hall and she hisses harshly.


I know why she wanted this. Her sister is having a baby.


Is she?

Brittany looks at her mother as the two of them return, crumpled tissues all over the couch, she sweeps them into a pile.


I want my family. I want my Dad back.


He’s not coming back, Brittany. You are going to have to get used to Justin, he is my boyfriend, and you are going to have to get used to the fact that your sister Mary is twenty one and responsible for herself.



Adaptation of my Novel “Where I Laid Me Down To sleep” to screenplay

I wrote the novel during NaNoWriMo 2013, and just now looking back at it. In the way that we look back at pages, so, the rewrite is to film. Novel is always easiest for me in many ways, because scripts are like haiku poems in a way. Anyway this book is intact at 50,000, and I wrote it over in Wattpad that year. So it is set in 1981, in Los Angeles, much of it. It’s a love story that has a tragic end, and is a Greek Tragedy in true Aristotle’s Poetics style. Here goes!



You can see the novel here:

Where I Laid Me Down To Sleep

c. Adrienne D. Wilson all rights reserved

Photo by Sami Aksu on


The carousel, empty, spins in black and white, fast, then slowing to a stop. Music, poignant and soft. An adult woman stands on a pier, alone, she is 50ish. We hear this voiceover, in a male voice, character is Tim speaking.

Sometimes staying alive is the hardest thing that you will ever have to do. Love can kill a person. Too much love or the wrong kind of love, or not enough love. That’s what I know now. And that’s what almost happened to Natasha Evergreen. She almost died.


TASHA 50 stands inside the Camera and spins the giant plate like magic looking at the landscape. Suddenly she sees herself at 22, locked in a kiss with JOHN SANDMAN on the pier, arms around each other, deep in love. She spins it again and sees herself with her mother as a young girl about to go to college.


TASHA 22 and her MOTHER 50 argue in apartment on Barrington. Tasha is in her second semester at JC, studying Art. Her mother thinks college is a waste of time. Tasha has quit her job and moved home, broken up with first love to go to school. A dream she wants to fulfill, on her own.


What good is this education going to be, anyway?



It’s what I want, Mom.


Life isn’t always going to be about what you want, Tasha.  Mine hasn’t been.


(sighing – very frustrated)

I know, Mother

Tasha makes for the rooftop balcony to get some air, thousands of birds cartwheel through the puffy Spring clouds and the massive towers glisten silvery. She can breathe. Her mother follows her to the balcony.


You have got to stop wearing your heart on your sleeve. You have got to stop being such a dreamer.


(shakes her head, looks down at her wrist where a magic heart seems to float above it)

Okay, Mom. But, I’m so excited.


What good is school going to do for you, anyway?


It’s going to be everything.


Where are you going to work?


I’ll find something part time.


You have always done just what you wanted, Tasha.


No, I haven’t.


Yes, you have.

Summer garden

Designing a new block, for Bam Cal 2023 in Ravelry – for testing purposes in my group. The Final pattern will be a downloadable PDF. Copyright by Adrienne Wilson

tester code for Rav – TEST-AW-9ELMSF Summer Garden

Summer Garden is a textured square with a raised flower. Round by round images follow each row. The square can be made as a 6″‘ or larger. I used a 4″ hook, and primarily yarn from Stylecraft on these first samples, but, I loved the color ranges in Wool of the Andes as well.

Summer Garden
Flower Crochet Square

Design by Adrienne Wilson – copyright Adrienne Wilson – all rights reserved.

Row 1 – chain 6 and join with slip stitch to close.

Row 2 – chain 5 (acts as first DC, chain 2) 7 more DC chain 2’s in ring, gives you 8 spokes. Slip stitch to close.

Row 3 – around each DC, yarn over and pull up a loop 4 times, chain one to close, chain one. Repeat until each spoke has a petal top. Slip stitch to close. (8 petals, 8 chain one spaces)

Row 4 – add new color, in any SC space, two SC’s, FPSC around each flower petal. Repeat 7 times. Slip stitch into first SC to close. (16 SC’s 8 FPSC)

Row 5 – SC in all SC’s. Slip stitch to close (25 SC’s)

Row 6 – In any SC, with new color join with an SC. Chain 3, skip one, SC. Repeat around circle. 12 or 13 chain 3 spaces. Slip stitch into first SC to join – Keep yarn same for round 7. (Use 13 if making larger square)

Row 7 – 3 DC’s into each chain three space from previous round, chain one between each group. (12 or 13 groups of 3 DC’s)

Row 8 – In first DC of a 3 DC group, SC in next three DC’s. FPTC and catch SC from round 6, SC in next three DC’s. Repeat around (13 FPTC – 13 3 SC)

Row 9 – Join new color at top of FPSC, Chain 3 as first DC, 3 DC’s in same space,skip to middle stitch and repeat 4 DC groups around. (12 DC groups) or 13 for larger square.

Row 10 – Join new color in any SC row 9 between two DC Clusters — chain three (as DC) chain 2, SC in space between the two DC’s chain two and make FPDC around spoke, repeat around. (12 DC’s total). (or 13 for larger square)

Row 11 — Join new color, SC around any DC spoke, proceed to make petals, as you did in round three –yarn over 4 times, close with chain 1, in next SC space atop DC clusters, make DC chain one DC. Repeat around — 12 petals, 12 V stitches.

Row 12 – Join new color, in any 2 DC cluster, in one chain space between with a SC. Chain 5 and skip to next chain one space – repeat around. Slip stitch into first SC, do not change yarn for next round.

Row 13 – Chain one, in next chain space, one SC, two HDC, two DC, two HDC, one SC – repeat around. (12 Petals) Join to first SC with slip stitch to close round.

Row 14 — Flip work, you are working on wrong side. SC around each SC from previous round. Chain 5, continue around anchoring stitches with an SC, and chain 5 all around.

Next rows will begin to build the square, behind the circle, and create our corners.

Row 15 — working with wrong side facing, slip stitch into the first chain five space. In each space make 6 DC’s around. (12 DC groups) (13 for larger) You will be crocheting looking at the right side, but don’t worry! The row is well hidden, when we flip work back.

Row 16 – First corners.

For small square – use strips of yarn to mark for corners, each group of three 6 DC’s. 2 DCs 1 SC, 2 DC’s – FPHDC in all stiches until next corner. Repeat around.

This pattern will give you the 6 inch block. For the larger block, which has a fancy new edge and embroidery, that will be going into the PDF. The small square is for testing purposes.

ROW 10 — PETAL — V stitch — PETAL – no spaces (18 petals) V stitch between, no spaces except chain one in V stitch between DC’s.

Little Book of Comfort Day 1

Writing to, Little Eva – “Locomotion” and song “Born to be Alive”

Natalie waved goodbye to the Cafe, and decided to go shopping. A little retail therapy never hurts anyone, now does it?

If life opens up new doors on a daily basis, sometimes a person just has to walk on through. She was staying in a hotel room, because Leo had moved Priscilla into their old homeplace. That’s how mean he was. The more Natalie thought about it, the angrier she got. But it was anger that was going to move her forward.

She doubted that she would ever marry again. She was free, but what does freedom actually mean. There is no freedom when you live in a small town like she did. Why the whole Outer Banks was just a gossip realm, if you understand things like that. The Blue Ribbon Sisters had even ejected her, so baking was going to out of the picture. Besides, without a kitchen how was she going to?

The Jolly Pirate was just up the road.

I think I’ll go in, she thought. Why not?

The bar was packed with people, body to body, and all of them were quaffing the cocktails so quickly that one by one, they managed to get the liquid courage up to climb up on the stage and sing a song karaoke style.

Some of Natalie’s oldest friends were in there. Including the handsome guy on the stage. In fact, he was singing to old Rod Stewart songs, as she ordered her drink from the bartender. The little tables were almost all taken but she found one in the corner, letting her eyes slide around the room slowly, to see who was there. It wasn’t long before a man asked her to dance.

“Want to?” he asked, extending his hand.

“Maybe later”


It was not going to be possible to think about men yet, Natalie had been so burned by what Leo had done. Even dancing with another man was not something she cared to do. But the Jolly Pirate was full of warmth and enough loudness to drown out whatever feelings she had been holding. She’d gone for the biggest tiki cocktail ever.


Benjamin snuggled into the covers as the early dawn light swept over the sea, the winds had made him wake time and time again in the night, but he was warm, even with the storm like a gale. Coffee sounded good. He looked at the pretty flowers he had gotten at Super Tigers. Just coffee, half and half and sugar, he thought. Then a really long hot bath. The wooden walls of the cottage gleamed in Autumnal hues. The bathtub was a giant claw foot, so old fashioned and large, two people could have fit in it. Pearly pink light over the Sound.

Speck was outside waiting.

Benjamin sighed, a long sigh, a sigh that was releasing everything trapped inside.

For the first time in a long time he felt better. He didn’t have to do anything. Just be in the silence.

Do you know what it’s like to finally find a totally comfortable atmosphere? That’s what Benjamin had found. No rules, no phones, no constancy. He was adrift with nothing but a fishing pole. Life sets people on courses and we never know where those will lead or take us.

“I can’t believe we were here, Dad,” he whispered. “I wish you could have met Beth.”

Natalie awoke in the giant lonely King sized bed she had in the hotel. A little fire glimmered in the corner of her room. She sighed.

Her world had cracked apart, but she felt stronger.

Okracoke Island seemed like she could live there. Get away from Kitty Hawk and all the people she had always known. The thoughts began to jell in her mind, moving around slowly like wisps of thought. She had picked the hotel that was closest to the wild ponies. They reminded her of childhood, and herself as a little girl with her own parents, the pony she had had then. Winky had the best mane, riding bareback along the dunes.

I think I’ll get a horse, she thought. Leo never gave a damn about anything I wanted exactly, it was always about him.

HEART OF CLOUDS – Screenplay

I loved the sound, and the images of the wildflowers, in this.

This is the cover I designed from one of my images of the sea, at Summerland.

It’s a children’s book I wrote in 2009, at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference when I was studying under Walter Halsey Davis. I spent the years 2005 to 2019 with him and sadly he has passed. The film is for him. It was a book to film, as Walter told me it could be done that way. So, all the internals for the characters are in the novel, itself. That is available here:

I’m using my WordPress blog, because I can edit easily here, and since I believe in Fine Actors and their craft, and improvisation, we can add or change lines, as needed with great ease. So, the format may not be perfect. It would also be easy for actors to come to the blog with comments. I wrote the film to be shot on a dime, on location here in Summerland and Carpinteria, as the setting for the film, as a young teen story in the era that is 1971. Those areas have not changed much, with time, and many location shots are easily had. So, here goes, and wish me luck. I will go chapter by chapter.


by Adrienne Wilson

for Walter Halsey Davis

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye”

—————— Antoine de Saint-Exupery

EXT. BEACH. MORNING (Sunny, Clear, Fall light)

Sweeping oceanic theme in the sound, piano music, from above, we pan down a long beach, from overhead. A young girl, running, as if away from home. Teenie Alexander is on the cusp of fourteen, she wants to escape from home, plans on running away. Her father has gone away to look for work, she is crying, slowly approaches a massive driftwood hut on the beach and curls up inside it, with her journal, and pen, gifts from her father.


Teenie’s father Jax is going to leave in the morning, south to leave for work, he is middle aged, her parents have been fighting since they have both been fired. In low light, we see father and daughter, emotional, tears.


Daddy, don’t go.


Honey, you know I don’t want to, but I have to. We need the money.


(hugging him tightly, as he brushes back her hair, dries her tears with his shirt)


I got you something honey.


(corners of a smile begin)


(pulls from the pocket of his jacket a beautiful paper journal and pen for her)

Teenie you have a heart made of clouds, you know that?


I do?


(gruffly, holding back tears)

Never forget that, okay?

Never lose that little twinkle in your eye.


(in awe at the beauty of the journal he picked for her, and the special pen)

Thank you, Daddy.


(exiting her room)

Sleep tight, now.

INT. MORNING. GREY APARTMENT (Blue sad, faded light, grey tones)

Christina Alexander middle aged, sits on a couch surrounded by pill bottles doctors have prescribed to treat her for depression. She is so stoned on the pills that all she can do is huddle wrapped in blankets and watching TV while the news drones on and on about climate change. Scenes play out of a tidal wave over and over and over. She doesn’t even know that Teenie has left the apartment. Her eyes are faded with grief. We close in on the blankness of her face, removed from life, removed from the world. Their house has been sold and the money is gone. She hasn’t heard from Jax in months.


Teenie curls herself into a ball in the hut, wrapping her sweater around her, pulls her journal and pen from her sweater pocket, to try and write. She is sad, thinking of her father’s absence. It’s been months since she has heard from him. She looks out to sea, and marvels at whoever built the hut. Its strength.



Maybe I could just live here, forever. Maybe whoever built it wouldn’t mind.

She runs the sand over and over like an hourglass through her palm.

(says loudly, to the sea)

I miss you, Dad.

Teenie scans the beach for signs of life, and watches as pelicans appear, in a line over the waves. In the midst of her sad feelings, suddenly on the horizon out over the islands a large cloud appears in the shape of a heart, as if by magic.



I love you, Dad

I love my Dad, I love my Dad,

She says, thinking he must have sent it. Close in on her face with a few salty tears, she watches the cloud and draws it before it dissipates, in the journal her father gave her. A boy has been watching the whole time from behind a dune, as it is Devlin Underwood who has been building it on the beach for himself as a fort. He’s on the cusp of fifteen.

Devlin watches her draw in the journal and then tear a page from it, a heart of clouds. Like a guardian he watches her from afar. He understands sadness, as his mother has passed away recently. He watches Teenie cry too. Devlin wonders if she is sad for the same reason he is. He watches her fold a tiny Origami bird and then she tucks it in the rafters of the hut, the note to her father. He watches as she climbs from the hut and walks the beach back to the village. When she is out of sight behind a fold in the cliffs, he climbs into the hut and sees the tiny bird in the rafters.


(says softly)

I should leave something here for her.

MONTAGE images of Devlin and his father with books, on the shore, building things.

(can be shown with photographs, stills of the actors) as a flashback. Devlin misses his father, he had to drop him off with his grandparents in the village after his mother passed and now he has had to adjust to a new life in a new town, 1000 miles from where he grew up.

We see Devlin combing the beach to look for a shell to leave the girl he saw crying.

(says softly, as he climbs the rocks, close in on his face)

Maybe she could be a friend.


Looking back at old work, poems written as my nom de plume, because i may start writing again, maybe… been some time since this one from 2016.

I was thinking how much is in my old blog, and I have no idea why I can only see it in Google, not duck duck. There are thousands of words and things in that blog. When I first entered the web I did that under a nom de plume, because I was established as that all the way back to 2002.

I want to record the poems for Spotify because WordPress will let me do that. I used to do readings on Soundcloud but this makes it really easy to just record. ❤ I can no longer see behind the scenes of my old blog Valentine Bonnaire, and I wish WordPress would understand that it is me!

I love WP. ❤ I do.

Nothing could be better for a writer.

Trying a test! (poem)

Yesterday in FB I found a very old poem of mine, written when I was being published for my things at ERWA and Cleansheets, so it is genre. I am going to try and use the google translators on it too! I wrote it in 2004, and it was picked up by some friends who were really superb poets who published it in a chapbook they were doing. It’s a poem about women and men. So I was able to find the link, yesterday.

“homo spiritualis”

My editors john e and PJ published it in some chapbooks they were doing. 2004.

here it is, again – copyright 2022 by me, as me.

I am going to try a test using the google translators, even though I think I know WordPress is Open Source and so the page can get run through a translator I think. So, two people I know in FB made comments about this poem and my old friend the poet john e did a version of my voice reading it over in soundcloud, so there is a link here, for that – he is a poet and used to be my editor at ERWA, but this was a totally cool collab to see what he did with it. Poets never know how they sound to others you know? We just don’t. That is over here. but it occurred to me that I can do readings and put them in Spotify myself. So this poem is about an era in time that had ancient art. The art can be seen here: – this scholar was very important to me when I was a grad student at Pacifica.

homo spiritualis

i went to this lecture & the man said
                “we just have to evolve, you know”
the gist of the whole thing involved the fact that we
since caves, have been homo sapiens
& that now, faced with war, extinction & floods, food shortages &
well maybe there is no time like the present

& this is where i need your hand, brother
’cause if i could just lie down next to you
like the sort of fertile crescent i once was
where i had no thought of harm
                    no thought of exploitation
we’d go back a long, long way

we’d move backwards through corridors of time
back, back, to the time before the fall
to some kind of agrarian meadow
’cause we’re all so tired, so tired

& these roles have gotten just so twisttangled
the man said “you know, in 30 years, nobody, nobody is going to be
from the disaster that is coming, not even those in a monastery”

& he said you know? “we all have to evolve together into a new
he said the time for homo sapiens was gone
& that this was the time for homo spiritualis
& i think he was right

& this starts in a bedroom between genders
                look, look, look there was an age Catal Huyuk
before these wars, you just forgot, my brother & so did i

there was a time i planted peacefully
it was a time of wheat, of loaves & grain
            & tribe was what counted, our tribe

this was before the invasions
before the burials with coin, this was before the spear & killing
the villages were round, they were breast-shaped
& in the art, well there were grain goddesses
& from their vulvas, sweetly pouring
                grains. sheaves & you

nestled between flush lips
        you tell me boy? what happened to our tribe?
i want to lie with you on the banks of the ganges again
curled inside of arms that were made for safekeeping
want the press of that wand, hardcurved up my thigh

want the old gods, the ones plotinus spoke about
because you know, he tried to describe that
    & plotinus was the last philosopher before organized religion
& he saw only light

& boy let me tell you
i know we have one spirit
            & that is peaceful lovingkindness
you know you’ve got the same thing as mine, same hearts
help me boy, help me brother
        it’s eden i want, the paradise of your arms

& this starts in a bedroom between genders
                look, look, look there was an age Catal Huyuk
before these wars, you just forgot, my brother & so did i

© 2004 by Valentina Bonnaire

Ecopsychology #Diagnostics #Genogram

So, I want to talk about the way I am using all I was taught up at Pacifica Graduate Institute in tandem with experiences as an Intern on a case by case basis. But since we are all stuck in this miasma of year 2022, why not do the research and try and figure out a treatment plan that is for the WEB. What I am most interested in, is when kids have access to the WEB itself, so we are using the genogram for that, and then using concepts from Depth and Ecopsychology. So back to the timeline with Academic questions, and proofs.

So, looking at the history of the computer via Wikipedia.

Using this date along the genogram.


So from personal experience working at a newspaper, in the 1980’s, by the late 80’s we are all familiar with computer systems and they are part of our jobs. My guess is that the men have them for “toys” at home? That can afford them. Across the entire globe. So in glancing through the above article, for me 1995 is the year I actually buy one. I will use it to learn to write papers and it is pretty simple. This is the first one I ever saw that was “Fun” and in the Art Department of the paper, so 1984, and it was an Apple, with fun fonts and things.

So let’s assume that many Dads work with them, in the year that is 1984, and they are being used at home for “fun” by parents? But what year do the kids start using them.

Let’s talk about the father’s childhood, in say, 1964, versus the child born into this world at 1984. Of course Dad will teach his kids how to use one? How much access to information did they have? Was it too much, for someone so young? That is how we want to think about this. Just as a diagnostic.

From the Wikipedia ”

In 2001, 125 million personal computers were shipped in comparison to 48,000 in 1977. More than 500 million PCs were in use in 2002 and one billion personal computers had been sold worldwide since mid-1970s till this time. Of the latter figure, 75 percent were professional or work related, while the rest sold for personal or home use. About 81.5 percent of PCs shipped had been desktop computers, 16.4 percent laptops and 2.1 percent servers. United States had received 38.8 percent (394 million) of the computers shipped, Europe 25 percent and 11.7 percent had gone to Asia-Pacific region, the fastest-growing market as of 2002.[73] Almost half of all the households in Western Europe had a personal computer and a computer could be found in 40 percent of homes in United Kingdom, compared with only 13 percent in 1985.[74] The third quarter of 2008 marked the first time laptops outsold desktop PCs in the United States.[75]

As of June 2008, the number of personal computers worldwide in use hit one billion. Mature markets like the United States, Western Europe and Japan accounted for 58 percent of the worldwide installed PCs. About 180 million PCs (16 percent of the existing installed base) were expected to be replaced and 35 million to be dumped into landfill in 2008. The whole installed base grew 12 percent annually.[76][77]

I am very concerned about the kids, so let’s watch a video. This is a mother talking about losing her son in the teen years. I want to trace the timeline of how the DSM changed.

So we are going to look at the Wiki on what her son was diagnosed with, and we are going to look at the criteria for.

We can see that 1995 is a key date so questions along that timeline really matter. How many young kids (especially boys) were medicated. This was one of my teachers up at Pacifica on all that.

So as I looked at the pictures of the emo heart, and because I was an Art & Narrative modality when working with kids in the years 1996—-2003, at Family Service Agency and other places here in town, and because I have many concerns about what might have happened to an entire generation?

The timeline is prescient, because at WordPress, the founder was born in 1984. The thing for me, is that I was never a tech wizard like all of you. So you are the kids of those fathers, in 1984 and on down the line. I have looked at a few vids of the metaverse concept, and that is the world being created. By your generation. You are really smart, and “logos” is what all of you have in spades.

So the childhoods of 1984, along this line:

1922————————————–1984——1994 (cognition age ten)– 2022

What 1994 looked like, for the little kids who were 10 that year.


So over the course I have been designing something as an intervention, I have looked at news stories, and various other sources to help design something to treat and help people. Using techniques from Art & Narrative Therapy, but for a web application. I suppose I need a patent for that? So I am going to use screenshots to back up my work in the blog, as it is research as I am going. In many of the blog posts where I was doing assessments in my old blog, the links are not there, just “blanks.” I am pretty worried right now for humanity. So I just read an abstract, here, and I am most worried about the kids in this immense amount of isolation they are in. Things I am worried about? Suicidal Ideation (in the youth) and Impulsivity as a reaction to the stress. Let me show you what that looks like via youtubes.

One of the reasons I have the greatest respect for Matt Mullenweg and WordPress is because he built this as a container, for writers. So, I’m going to show a few things today, as relate to what I know from Depth Psychology as relates to the use of a Genogram and Treatment Planner. I also want to talk from a standpoint of Ecopsychology.

So that genogram again, only visually this time:

Years 1922———————————————————————–2022

I don’t want to see broken links, again. The way the web is constantly being scrubbed is not a good thing. I first noticed that when I was writing about politics a few years ago in my old blog. So writing about what i have my MA in? Well you will see me link to the Wikipedia and many other sources, including news stories. My diagnostic skills. When you are becoming a therapist, especially from the school I went to? I was trained by the very best. Gen Z cannot recognize the level of impulsivity it might have. Because it is inside of a generation. When history marches on, as it will, a generation can look “back” at things and know itself.

I want to talk a little about how I came up with my theory. It was in my internship for Family Service Agency. In California, we are to do internships of 3,000 hours. It was really hard to get an internship, in the first place, and so, what we have is a way to discuss cases, around a table. The intern therapists brought in a case study of a client, and there were supervisors, from Clinical Psychology and also Psychiatry who supervised us. So, all of my papers are something I am looking back at now, and also remembering things that happened. But what I want Matt to know, I really mean this, is that I know I can trust him. So, I was “non-paid” for beyond the 3,000 hours that began in 1995 – 2003, and I did my hours while I was working for a newspaper. Those years of my life were so hard, my god. There is more to say about Medical Ethics, out of me, but Senator Grassley went after ethics around Meds, and I really love that, because, once the consulting psychiatrist told me she was putting two year olds on Prozac? Well, we are now many years forward from that time.

As you can see above, the “Criteria For” Impulsivity has changed over time.

Let’s look at what Senator Grassley did.

That research I was writing up in my old blog?

I just want to say bless all of you to and to WordPress, for what all of you created, for this world.

I think we are going to have to use a reverse medical model to be able to diagnose, and treat. Because if in 1998, two year olds are being put on Prozac and many, many other things? We are looking at Gen Z. My thesis is very simple, and I am very worried for the kids. When I say that? I just mean, I am worried for the era they have lived. So, In a post 9/11 climate they were very, very young. It is very possible that they were overmedicated, so very early. Then they came of age, and all the things available to adults also became available to them. The kinds of news stories that we see about locking dogs and babies in cars under sweltering heat? They might not have the “cognition” to understand what they are doing. So it is very scary. But we are going to make a treatment plan here, and it can be used as a new treatment paradigm. In the web itself. I swore to the oath of Hippocrates when I graduated. I meant that. ❤