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Good morning to WordPress and for admins.  Just doing some testing here in the Premium blog on features available and what is happening as a user of WordPress under this new Gutenberg style.  By the way, I would not want to blog any other place than WordPress?  So the idea of not sharing how great WP is?  Doesn’t work for me.  I have already recommended it to friends in Europe and an American artist and surfer I know over in FB.  So, what if I didn’t want my WP ads turned off?  I don’t!  Even though I bought “Premium.”

More thoughts this morning.  I did a test Advertorial post over in “Portfolio” because I am loving Gutenberg really so very much.  It’s the really lush pictures I can make so, super happy about that.

I am loving my delphiniums (in Gutenberg)!

Delphinium Blues

So, I am not sure where “Portfolio” went?  In terms of my blog, and how that will be as working with WordAds as a concept so testing all this and has the results for Jon Burke whose articles I was reading this morning.

It’s not clear about tagging vs not tagging or linking vs not linking on the WordAds concept so I can try that two different ways.  In this I am really supporting American made products in this redesign, for instance Purdy paint brushes that I love.  It had trouble on the upload for the one I got yesterday and I am about to use that one today!  So… showing that?  Was it the name I used?  Not sure.

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 12.03.27 PM

It was a close up of a picture I put in FB this morning.  I’m super happy with the way it looked?  So just showing you for admin style…

These photos are all mine but I’m not copyrighting them?

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 12.08.40 PM

Purdy is a really fab American brush company.  I have gotten their brushes all my life.  One thing I want to do with this advertorial thing is to show all the “real local people” at places like Ace that are helping me here in town.  So a huge deal for me?  Americans in American jobs.

I loved what I saw about WP up in Detroit?

I watched that.  Loved that.

Anyway not clear on the social media aspects quite yet, but looking around at how others are blogging a bit and have seen some great examples this morning.

I can’t seem to “share” my Portfolio project that I just wrote and I think I see why?  So this is for the WordPress Happiness Engineers.

My old blog Valentine Bonnaire and the children’s book I wrote were ways that I could share from WP in the PAST?

The way I am sharing to FB NOW is as myself, as – or and that should be linked to my real FB “self” so here was a pic I just took:

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 1.29.53 PM

I think I made those pages in FB back in 2009 which was the year I even joined FB?  I was blogging in those years as my nom de plume and that was a book I wrote that I intend to promote here on my real WP blog as soon as I can figure out how in Woo Commerce and maybe with the business plan here in WP – hmm. Things are starting to make sense!  My Gravatar is now linked to MY REAL FB!  Hugs, and onward.

I ❤ WordPress!











Thinking about the power and scope of WordPress 2018, in images…

So I tried a little test this morning with WordAds, except I did not link words because the computer was very slow.  It’s old and I haven’t set up the new one yet.  What I did was to Facebook from WordPress what I said about “Valspar, Delphinium Corsage” a few days ago.  In the meantime I have turned on my “get paid for WordAds” thing because I have “Premium.”  As I said, I might as well be a rank beginner compared to the rest of you “tech people” – so there were no comments by any of my friends on that post, which makes me think that they never saw it in FB, not kidding on that, for WordPress Admins.

At any rate, the “translation” button I have on my front page…

Well, what this means is that if I have made a positive and FUN posting, it can be translated AROUND THE WORLD into so many languages it’s uncanny.

So, earlier I checked my stats and a friendly very tech Italian came by for the second time.  I looked at his gravatar and also went to his page to see – he would be a TECH person up on things who blogs in here as well.  I took a screen shot to show you how I am thinking and using Gutenberg.

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 2.08.41 PM

Here are more images and thoughts…

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 2.38.44 PM

This is advertorial with a very positive message about Valspar as in “Testimonial” style of Advertorial, and here is is available with GLOBAL REACH.

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 2.41.39 PM

That was version that I FB’d earlier today.

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 4.15.42 PM

Again and looking at the power of GLOBAL REACH via “translators” — this really ups the ante on WordAds as Advertorials.

It is only ethical, in my opinion to give a true opinion or testimonial style ad, and show pictures that BELONG to me as I go.  Of the products I am actually using.  It would be the same with any stores that I am going to.

Nobody clicked through on FB.

So that was test #1 and I can try again as I think how I might do the linking as Advertorial.

ps: this part is really cute tooScreen Shot 2018-08-30 at 4.41.12 PM

Advertorial vs Testimonial ads

Advertorial content

Test Advertorial for Paint, stores, PROMO #1 WordAds


Working my way through the set up of my new blog, so this is from the advertising that was “print” at one time.  These are two different types of ads.

So yesterday I said I was going to try out a post to see what might happen using WordAds.  So, Branding and Demographics, these count.

Advertorial works in a different way to suggest buying a product than Testimonial does.  For instance, I love this new paint I have from Valspar, and I am going to be doing a large project that is a design project in a kitchen, except I am upcycling, so appeal is going to be to the upcycling crowd.  But where within that demographic?  This is where I would craft the appeal.  In Advertorial I would write about why I chose Valspar?  I could wax rhapsodic about the colors of the paint chips and I could use the art I made to talk about those.  blue:colors:art:chips

I loved the names of the paint.

Fresh paint changes things and gives huge uplift.   As an artist I love to get color chips and sometimes deciding on just the right one takes some time.  I am doing a blue and white look for this kitchen.  It’s a classic color combination that can go English or Scandinavian or even French Country, depending and I want a mix of those types of things – really clean look.

This isn’t an overnight project.  The design has taken me quite some time to work out starting with the finds.  I have rediscovered the joy of shopping at little hardware stores here in town, and so, I went to Ace Hardware for this paint.  I enjoy talking to the paint mixers in the paint department of the store.  I’m not in the Big Box store mood, nor do I want the Amazon experience of ordering because I like people, and shopping in stores.

So Advertorial goes a little like this.  I can show you links to the things I have spoken about here in WordPress.

What is different about Testimonial ads?

A Testimonial ad would be to show you pictures of before and after on a project.

For instance I could drive traffic to Ace Hardware and OSH which are the two places I shopped locally for the objects I needed on this project.  I could show you the little sander I bought?  With a link.  I could show you the sander in action?  I could talk about why I am using Primer.  Testimonials would be about actually using the products and showing before and after on all of that.  In a sense Advertorials and Testimonials are alike in the advertising world, it’s just that the content differs.

So, I am not sure yet about WordAds and taking it as I go?

If I were to tag the stores?

This drives traffic to them just as it would to the paint itself, and the fact that WordPress now translates “globally” – what I have just written functions as promotional for the companies.

Why did I like the blue ranges in Valspar?

My delphiniums!


I bought three little cans of blue paint that I loved from Valspar for the interiors of the cabinets.  I knew that I could get an effect that would be a surprise and a smile when I opened cabinet doors and saw different shades of blue, the beautiful blue, Delphinium blue, in all the ranges, inside a blue and white kitchen.

So in a Testimonial, it would go something like this, and in an Advertorial I would write something about why as an artist I wanted those colors.

*Note to WordPress – I just did this as a trial so you could see my thoughts on these things in terms of WordAds but I will not tag this other than to say things that stay here internally until I actually do this.  ❤

Mostly I am interested in selling my books!

I thought perhaps I might upgrade to business and I wasn’t sure if that was going to make a huge difference at first?

There is a local company here in town I had looked at yesterday after I saw a news piece.  I am loving Gutenberg so far.  It’s gorgeous.  It really is.  So I am reading this: about Ad Control to get a sense, and will let you know what I find…

Reading up on Jetpack and

Reading about Simple Payments

So I made a button, and listed a price but as you can see, if I were really writing copy or managing some advertorial – the prices are much higher.

Tomorrow I will write up a linked advertorial ad.   This has been a test as I go of the features on WordPress Premium.

This is an example of a simplistic advertorial from a Magazine I subscribe to:

This is an example of how a headline in a tabloid can wreck a brand?

In the latter case you would use testimonial as cure in extended style.

Using Google as a search engine this is the latest news, and so you can see what would happen with a headline like that one…

Advertorial and the Press

This memoir I am going to be writing in NaNoWriMo in November is dedicated to many of my old friends – in Facebook, because it is going to talk about what it was actually like at Newspapers in America before the gut, layoff and merger era.  Why this  is important now is because we no longer have a Free Press in the country.  So the era I am going to be writing about is 1981 – 2001.

So what was Advertorial?

In the days that I started working for a paper, while in college, there was no such thing.  This happened in the late 80’s in the Print business.

Advertorial was “canned” news – not written by local papers and not related to the Paper itself.  This was bought and inserted into local papers as a “pre-printed” thing.  So for instance, “Parade” magazine that many papers featured as an insert in all cities in the country.  That was a magazine?

Advertorial was a bit different.

The wall between Editorial and Advertising was a sacred thing at papers.

On that note, the concept of Monetization of a blog.

I’m actually very interested in what WordPress is doing on that.

Over the 20 years I spent working at a paper I did many, many different jobs – one of which was working in advertising and graphic design in the Art Department.  I used to write ad copy and design many of the special sections that we ran.

In WordPress I would like to monetize my blog using WordAds, but this will only be for things I actually know about, or really like?

So I am going to show you how I might do a thing like that in my next post using paint, in this case Valspar.   So this is a practice post as example.  This is an exquisite paint because of the color chips?  I just loved it.  I am going to do a redesign of a simple room with these paints and so this would be an example of how I would “write” about something I would choose to brand with?  In a sense that makes it “Advertorial” at the same time that if I were to tag it?  Traffic would go out across the world depending on my tags.

On that note, “liking a brand” – well, this is something that, if you love a brand, you will not mind writing about it – so this is a test today for WordPress Admins so they can see how I would do that.  ❤

I’m not going to run this through FB or tag it.   This is just an example.

*note to WP admins.  I did tag this, but only for WP purposes because of Gutenberg.  A side note for you would be to go to and you could see what happened to papers?  In terms of who owns what, circa 2018.  Gutenberg = FREE PRESS.  Beloved that way, it will be.