Valspar “Delphinium Corsage”


Designing a fresh look in a tired old house starts with Paint.

I chose Valspar because my local Ace Hardware store is so charming.    I have been shopping with Home Improvement as long as I can remember, and I even had a job there just out of High School when a friend of my mother’s ran a store in the area that is now Kitchen Supplies called “Freeport Imports.”

I love shopping there, and the men in the Paint Department are so kind.  It’s a neighborhood place, with lots of staff that answer every question.

It has taken months to decide on the right colors.

I had these gorgeous Valspar paint chips last Christmas.  I think the names of the colors made me happy.  So I got three of the tiny test cans for $9.99 – mixed for me.


I have to admit “Delphinium Corsage” had me at the name, but so did “Zydeco” and so did “Deep Ocean Floor.”  I got those three.


So these are the knobs I found.

I’m doing the kitchen over in a very fresh blue and white scheme, and the quality on the Valspar Paint is just exceptional.   I loved Deep Ocean Floor so much I decided to have the paint man do one quart of exterior to paint some trim on the outside.   For months I have played around with these chips and propped them next to things.

In the end I decided on a chalk finish for the cabinetry, that I can wax.  But the interiors of the drawers and cabinets themselves will go totally Valspar, as will the walls.

I want the kitchen to feel like walking into a patch of Pacific Giant Delphiniums, or Magic Fountains Delphiniums.

I will keep you posted.


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