A Delft blue and white

I’m just going to start with Purdy, and the sweet little brush I got yesterday at Ace Hardware.  And the Valspar paint that hatched the designer in me.  “Delphinium Corsage.”IMG_0994

I fell in love with the blue ranges on the Valspar paint chips.


It has taken me about a year to really think the project through as you can see.  That was my first little sample can.  I got three.  For $9.99 each.

Delphinium Blues

All last January through June I looked at the Delphiniums I planted.  They were “Magic Fountains” strain, and as we move into fall they are still going.  But these are flowers for next year.  When I start to think of the Holidays coming, I feel like baking.  But not in Pumpkin Spice.

This is a big project.

I’m going slow.

This is not an expensive project.

This is a roll up your sleeves and redesign an ugly duckling into something gorgeous.

Check this out!

artist tools

This is a project about kindness.

Imagine that you have a pumpkin spice kitchen and you want Delft blue and white.

I’m so happy with my new Purdy brush.  They are the best, and I’m using a brushy style for the fronts of the cabinet doors using that chalk paint, but this brush is going to make all the difference in the finish I get.

It’s made here in America, and I’m proud of that fact.

I’ll be keeping you posted on a daily basis about how things are looking and how I am using my tools.

Ace Hardware gave me free brushes last fall when I bought some primer, and my first two cans of Satin finish Valspar in white for the walls.






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