Advertorial and the Press

This memoir I am going to be writing in NaNoWriMo in November is dedicated to many of my old friends – in Facebook, because it is going to talk about what it was actually like at Newspapers in America before the gut, layoff and merger era.  Why this  is important now is because we no longer have a Free Press in the country.  So the era I am going to be writing about is 1981 – 2001.

So what was Advertorial?

In the days that I started working for a paper, while in college, there was no such thing.  This happened in the late 80’s in the Print business.

Advertorial was “canned” news – not written by local papers and not related to the Paper itself.  This was bought and inserted into local papers as a “pre-printed” thing.  So for instance, “Parade” magazine that many papers featured as an insert in all cities in the country.  That was a magazine?

Advertorial was a bit different.

The wall between Editorial and Advertising was a sacred thing at papers.

On that note, the concept of Monetization of a blog.

I’m actually very interested in what WordPress is doing on that.

Over the 20 years I spent working at a paper I did many, many different jobs – one of which was working in advertising and graphic design in the Art Department.  I used to write ad copy and design many of the special sections that we ran.

In WordPress I would like to monetize my blog using WordAds, but this will only be for things I actually know about, or really like?

So I am going to show you how I might do a thing like that in my next post using paint, in this case Valspar.   So this is a practice post as example.  This is an exquisite paint because of the color chips?  I just loved it.  I am going to do a redesign of a simple room with these paints and so this would be an example of how I would “write” about something I would choose to brand with?  In a sense that makes it “Advertorial” at the same time that if I were to tag it?  Traffic would go out across the world depending on my tags.

On that note, “liking a brand” – well, this is something that, if you love a brand, you will not mind writing about it – so this is a test today for WordPress Admins so they can see how I would do that.  ❤

I’m not going to run this through FB or tag it.   This is just an example.

*note to WP admins.  I did tag this, but only for WP purposes because of Gutenberg.  A side note for you would be to go to and you could see what happened to papers?  In terms of who owns what, circa 2018.  Gutenberg = FREE PRESS.  Beloved that way, it will be.



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