Yarn as paint

That is how I have been feeling as I complete the Fruit Garden CAL designed by Janie Crow. To explain how I feel about all things Brit goes back to being 13 and getting Mary Quant so, well, getting this gorgeous yarn from Stylecraft is a bit like that. But so is this pattern as it is a real design by an artist. So you can check out her other designs!

So, I wasn’t able to get a kit with the correct colors and it was a mad hunt trying to think what to use, but, the colors that I chose remind me of Brideshead Revisited, many moons ago. The original.

I wish I could show you this pile of colors I have had to work with, but here is an idea of that.

I am crazy over the Batiks, especially the Inky Navy. The Hollyhock motif is my favorite, but I love the orange in the dusky orange, and Old Gold.

This DK weight of yarn is new to me, and I love it.

I had to sub Cream for the Parchment as it was sold out, and I was really worried because I wanted that butterscotch feel of the antique version she designed. I think Cream will work with the Caramel.

That the DK Life range has wool in it, has been fantastic. Just that little bit of wool seems to make all the difference. There aren’t yarns here like this. So it’s like getting a box of very happy paints.

I want it to come off as the 20’s. Over in Ravelry they said “Romantic” – well yes, I suppose so.

Oh boy more yarn is coming soon. I was really tempted once I saw that Duck Egg Nepp. So I may go for this all over again in greens and purples. The cream colored Nepp as a backdrop and the Duck as border.

Just thinking of Waugh, and listening to the voiceover…. this is one of the most gorgeous things you will ever watch. I saw it was on Tubi TV.

So happy with this yarn.

This gorgeous design.

Tea is in order.

I switched the leaves in the center. Fern and Gorse Nepp.


Almost there.

Almost in that beauty that is England.


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