SBWC 2019 – writing a play, from Vanilla Suede

Okay so like I do not have the time to learn to use Pages, and my WP Blog has served me well, so well and for so long that, this is just easiest.

Fed Ex can handle the print out.

So I am adapting a short story that I wrote in 2013 for ERWA called Vanilla Suede that they put in the Treasure Chest. It’s a real little shorty and totally dialogue but as I was writing it, and now that I think about it, that might have been the year that Walter Dallenbach had passed away and so the PLAY “Vanilla Suede” is FOR Walter, just as Heart of Clouds was writ for Walter Davis based on the title of his “Do You Remember Love” which won a Humanitas.  In 2006 when I saw that prize on his mantel at a party I almost keeled over.  Well I was a therapist you know?  That is HUGE.  So anyway, Vanilla Suede is just dialogue, that my editor Bob Buckley taught me to write and I was able to do as he did, with all his dialogue pieces as Flash Fiction.  He is so very dear to me.  Always.  So anyway I am breaking my words into three scenes and all morning I grasped a new understanding of “spectacle” and what that means for set design.  So this is really simple in some ways.

— I am breaking up the story into three distinct scenes.  The first scene starts at a funeral where two old friends who have known each other for years meet up at the death of a mutual friend.  These are my MC’s Trent and Marina – they are older – mid 50s or?  But the essence of these two characters is that they have lived in long marriages and are now divorced, but, hesitant to get involved with anyone else.    So I know that I wrote the shorty with Aristotle’s Poetics.   Even as thinly as the dialogue is! — we used to write to 1200 words sometimes in my genre at ERWA so this is one of those shortys.  And I want to use a very minimalist style to present this.  Painting the props myself and I only need like three.  It’s set to Glenn Miller “Moonlight Serenade, and that will be the second part of the scene.and I am just going to do this here because can access right at the Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference.

So where I am going to break the text and how that will look.

The PLAY VANILLA SUEDE = three scenes.



There is a dark stage and as the lights come on dimly lit, “DARK” we see maybe seven people standing in a circle the mourners are EXTRAS in a sense because this is the only line ONE OF THEM will say.

EVERYONE IS HOLDING A FLOWER to symbolize putting a flower on a GRAVE.  ONE BY ONE silently and with great care, EACH MOURNER places A FLOWER at the base of the tombstone until we hear “GONE TOO SOON” by the last mourner, who shakes his head, sadly and slowly back and forth.  The mourner’s FACES all hold the sadness one sees at the loss of someone dear.

The mourners recede into darkness, BY ONE BY ONE WALKING BACKWARDS AND UPSTAGE until THEY EXIT STAGE LEFT ONE BY ONE, and the LIGHTS now move to a spotlight on the faces of my two MC’s.  TRENT AND MARINA.


SO, NEW LINE = “TAKEN TOO SOON” as said by one of the mourners.

Now we hear TRENT say to MARINA the next part.  This is a play for TWO PEOPLE.

We see TRENT and MARINA as the last of the mourners, when he says:  “Sometimes you just need to be held,” ——– This line is where my shorty started.


TRENT and MARINA are now the last mourners left at the site of the grave but we DO NOT NEED TO SEE TOMBSTONE, so lights are just ON THEM.

In this part the conversation between them is about the 1920’s, as in the shorty.  However I am going to make another break in the action here so – I have to move them from Marina talking about the Halloween Party and her grandparents to the TWO OF THEM deciding they are going to go to the party together.  Also work in the EE and I have thought how to do that.  TRENT can have a book of EE’s poems on the set on a table.  In this part, MARINA can say, “Oh, you have read ee, and Trent will say, “YES.”  Then she will say, “Oh I have a fave poem of his.”  So what has happened here is that there is going to be a LOVE SCENE with the BALCONY involved.  They have decided to go to the Halloween Party together.  But we never see the Halloween party.

SCENE TWO is at TRENT’S APT and in this scene is where we will see the DANCE SCENE so this goes in where he says, “HAVE YOU EVER HEARD THIS” —- enter the Miller SOUNTRACK on Moonlight S.

This is also the part where MARINA will read EE poem.


I think this is a one act play in two scenes?  Not sure what to call it but Walter and Carmen will know.



SET #3 LOVE SCENE ON BALCONY BEHIND BALUSTRADE (hidden from aud) just hear the voices and the lines.

FINALE- the lights turn into the stars! ❤ How is that for a spectacle!!!  ha!

Here is a link from my old blog Valentine Bonnaire (my nom de plume) for when I wrote Vanilla Suede for ERWA, it may have run in September that year?  So.  2013.  ERWA changed hands at some point, so here I talked about writing it and there is a picture of the shoe and music link.  I was writing Suede Shoe Stories, at that time.  Pink Suede, Green Suede, Red Suede and Vanilla Suede.  You will see Red Suede in the archives at ERWA if you feel like it.

*author note, sadly Walter passed in 2014, so I wrote this before that but, the play Vanilla Suede that is SBWC 2019 is dedicated to my screenwriting teacher, the magnificent Walter Dallenbach.  The match scene in the film Lawrence of Arabia.


Chapter one

AngelChristmasGraphicsFairy1fairygarden:cover2The Fairy Garden

by Adrienne D. Wilson

copyright 2018 all rights reserved

Nanowrimo 2018

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”
Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden


The night was so dark it seemed all the light was gone, except for the little moon like a lantern that hung in a small corner of the sky.   Everything was gone.  Every last dream.

It was on nights like this that Francoise felt she had lost all ability to cope.  She took a sip of the brandy Pierre had loved.  Sleep was impossible.  If only Pierre were with me, I’d feel safe, she thought.   He was gone.  He was gone in the way that death takes all things that we love eventually.   In life the moon is the only constant thing, or the sun, or the tides on the sea, or the waves of grass that glint and shimmer.  The songs of birds, the flowers pushing up and open from the dank earth.  All things return to this in the end, like the great hum or the great silence as the clock ticks round and round.

Courage, she thought.  I will need courage to go on, in this darkness.

Little did she know that it would be the face of a child that would give her that.

Abigail LeNotre was the most curious child Francoise had ever seen.   She was only eight, and she was in a part of life that Francoise had long forgotten.  The part where everything is still to be discovered and learned.  The part where magic still exists.  Francoise was in her eightieth year, and you can imagine all that she had seen and known of life by that time.

Francoise had forgotten about fairies.  Or perhaps she had forgotten the time she had known about them as a child, herself.  It’s just that she hadn’t thought of them in so very long.  The brandy calmed her.   In the morning she would have to begin the process of dealing with all of Pierre’s things.   The funeral was past.  His garden had died.  These were things of the adult world, not the world of Abigail.

It seemed to Francoise that her heart was as fragile as a petal in the way that time and love soften one.  All of the things that she and Pierre had done together.  Memories across years of time.  Abigail hadn’t known loneliness yet.  But she was lonely.

“My parents are allergic to animals,” she had said to Francoise, over the garden gate.

“They are?”

“They never go outside.”











The Fairy Garden

fairygarden:cover2Really happy about Nano this year.

I think I might write the book here in WP on my blog.

It’s just easier!

Anyway I made a cover for it and found a really beautiful quote for the frontspiece by a

writer I read as a little girl.

That was “The Secret Garden” – so this is going to be for 8 year olds, or the child in all of us.

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”
Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden



Chalk Paint, inspirations…


This is the brushy style you get over old orange oak.  It looks beachy but you can still see all the grain in places.  This is three coats of the paint and a few little design elements I picked up for very little that are holding the theme together.


Some of the knobs for the cabinets.  I have 12 like this for the uppers and they are all different, which is making a charming look, as if you are opening Delft flowers, against the beachy creamy white.


The paint is very soft looking.  You wax it, so this is the wax I got.


One of the really interesting things about this wax is that you can add some of the paint to it?  I loved that and I watched a video on that at their site.  There are lots of videos in youtube on how people are using this type of paint.  It’s a first for me.

I’m really loving this idea of creating a tinted wax with the paint.  You can watch that here.





A Delft blue and white

I’m just going to start with Purdy, and the sweet little brush I got yesterday at Ace Hardware.  And the Valspar paint that hatched the designer in me.  “Delphinium Corsage.”IMG_0994

I fell in love with the blue ranges on the Valspar paint chips.


It has taken me about a year to really think the project through as you can see.  That was my first little sample can.  I got three.  For $9.99 each.

Delphinium Blues

All last January through June I looked at the Delphiniums I planted.  They were “Magic Fountains” strain, and as we move into fall they are still going.  But these are flowers for next year.  When I start to think of the Holidays coming, I feel like baking.  But not in Pumpkin Spice.

This is a big project.

I’m going slow.

This is not an expensive project.

This is a roll up your sleeves and redesign an ugly duckling into something gorgeous.

Check this out!

artist tools

This is a project about kindness.

Imagine that you have a pumpkin spice kitchen and you want Delft blue and white.

I’m so happy with my new Purdy brush.  They are the best, and I’m using a brushy style for the fronts of the cabinet doors using that chalk paint, but this brush is going to make all the difference in the finish I get.

It’s made here in America, and I’m proud of that fact.

I’ll be keeping you posted on a daily basis about how things are looking and how I am using my tools.

Ace Hardware gave me free brushes last fall when I bought some primer, and my first two cans of Satin finish Valspar in white for the walls.





Looking at the ads, WordAds, Hosting

Still looking at and testing WordAds and well, I saw what was on the bio page?

I just trashed it, starts over!


I would rather run a free ad for the Humane Society than get this?

So I took a snapshot to show you.

If this is what WordAds is choosing I will turn it off?

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 3.28.04 PM

I am going to redesign bio page – just trashed it!


So still working out how Premium works and I can see I have a long way to go.

I feel that the bio page should maybe look like New Lune, a blog I just followed, and have a disclaimer such as she has.

So, also not understanding what “Hosting” means in terms of Premium.  Just read this: I keep seeing the ads for Blue Host, not sure which of these you would choose?  For people who want to do WordAds as advertorial and also be doing a blog wher their own books are sold.

It’s a steep learning curve!

Not kidding.

But it’s a fab learning curve.