Coronavirus Diaries

Without one doubt this is the most terrible thing we have ever gone through as human beings on this planet.

I’m in California, and I’m scared, just like everyone is very scared right now. So, how I handled that, was to look at news ledes from around the world.

The way they are disseminating information about this thing, and what is going to happen next is beyond most of us. Beyond comprehension. So I am clear on the concept of “flattening the curve” and I am doing that.

How I am coping is to watch what the President says, DAILY, and then I want to see what our Governor says, DAILY, because, well, I am a Californian. I can get local news on TV but, looking at news all over the world is much faster, and so, as I make these diaries, it’s like leaving a trail of what is happening. I put those things in FB so my friends overseas could see how America was handling things, and FB didn’t like that.

The first sign was the hoarding. I have never seen shelves emptied in markets in my lifetime. I did. There are no masks to be found, and no sanitizers either. Sold and gone. But then, to visit other sites around the world and see that this was reality for them as well? My god. So the global supply chain. They aren’t talking about it, but how many of those products are actually even made here anymore? Maybe they aren’t.

So we are supposed to flatten the curve by staying inside, and only going out for things like necessities. It’s so strange, in the silence. I see very few people out, and I felt like I wanted to drive around and see what things were looking like. Some people in the little market I found some toilet paper in were wearing masks and gloves. It was comforting to see the signs “two packs only” to the customer in there. I only took one. I think what is most frightening is that, the panic scares me the most. What people might do. This is the news this morning from the BBC

Listening to President Trump speak this morning, off NBC, the actual Press Pool.

“Surface Contamination” – this is a new term. BBC had been reporting on that the other day. I think this is the panic deal, because the virus not only lives in the air for three hours, but it lives on surfaces like plastic and cardboard. This is so frightening it is impossible to comprehend? Because what will this mean for the supply chain?

Listening to what is going on in Canada

The border it seemed from the headlines is going to close except for necessary supply chain things going back and forth.

Politico has a tracker up, here

It’s very scary to look at the numbers, especially the ones in the state of Georgia.

Keeping all in my thoughts, and prayers. None of us can fathom how this thing could have started and hurt so many all around the world. It’s just horror.

It looks as if our Governor has put the national Guard on alert for California,

The whole thing is so scary, it’s hard to even breathe. I still can. The point is not to panic. It’s hard staying in, and not going out for anything, but I am trying to, especailly for the flatten the curve part, there are two cases in my county, but I think we might se more of those as the weeks roll on.

I’m going to try and pass the time by gardening.

Things can go on hold, just try and be quiet, there are still airplanes in the air overhead? I had thought they closed them down. There was one this morning and another just now that sounded like a jet.


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