Something happened yesterday that made me more grateful for WordPress than I have ever been so I plan to talk about that today.

I’m not kidding. It was something Facebook did to me. We seem to be in what Dickens called the best and worst of times, and Facebook was a place where I actually knew real live people from not only my education, but old colleagues that I used to work with in the newspaper industry and I was sharing NEWS ledes, and also talking about my worries in general about what I was seeing happen as regards the terrible time the world is going through. Maybe I just needed to start writing again, because, extroverted and very worried right now just like everyone else is. I had friends I met in Europe too, that I have never really met in life, but would have loved to and since none of us can travel anymore, or? The fact that FB did this to me? I’m putting my thoughts here in WordPress. Also something I saw that Firefox did, I rebooted and now I have that thing where FB can’t track you for advertising purposes. So anyway here is the last post I made in there. Because I did screenshots? Of things that were concerning me I was seeing in the news. Here is the good news on that. If that was my last ever post I can make? Well on my page in there is a link to my old blog and this permanent one, so all that writing isn’t lost. I guess they might be able to click through and find me this way if they wanted. Thank heavens.

WordPress is a place I can TALK, on the page.

That’s the thing I have loved most about it since 2007 when I first found it.

I took a screenshot of this:

Censorship at Facebook on Saint Patrick's Day of all things.

I’m not sure if I will ever even go back in there, because, if you look at my last posts it was all news. The way I have been coping with what is happening is to try and share NEWS and I don’t think FB liked it.

The thing is, Facebook has NO IDEA that I used to work for a newspaper, and no idea that I have a Master’s in Depth Psychology. So not only was I looking at the news, but I was making observations based on what I am seeing, as a trained THERAPIST (because I know how) and maybe whatever their little censor is? It was dumber than me.

At any rate. Here in WordPress, I am able to write and to link to the news stories and things in Youtube, and do screenshots or any other old thing I feel like.

I have loved WordPress since the day I found it, by total accident. I think my first post was New Year’s Day 2007? At my old blog Valentine Bonnaire. I should go back and look.

I had thought to myself, that perhaps it might be FB’s finest hour? Because with all these people having to self isolate, my god there was a tool for people to talk to each other. Because it was real. In fact I think I might have even learned about FB because of WP because I don’t think I entered over there until 2009 or something, and at the time I had Twitter too. Well it has been a long haul seeing what censorship looks like for Americans. A very sad thing.

What I can do here?

Is do exactly what I was doing – which is sifting through the news as it breaks daily and trying to help others. So I am grateful, like you cannot believe. Yes, I am. In a way, Bless WordPress. Okay so now for the news ledes. I look at the whole world, and much of what I look at right now is “directions” to stay safe in this time.

I don’t know how we will ever get through this time. I don’t.

I just know I have Saint Patrick and I have my WordPress blog.


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