Advertorial, continued…

Continuing along the path to what is included in Premium as I figure out about WordAds and how that is being run and used here in WordPress.

I’m really glad to have met Jon Burke.

So let me show you what I was looking at yesterday.   I see I’m not able to “categorize” and tag right now, that is fine by me.  These posts are for the internal admins, anyway.  And for myself.

So I have screenshots of things from yesterday.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 5.45.59 PM

First looking into what Jetpack is.

I remember there was a year when you could “buy” this?  And now it is included in Premium.  I’m not sure what it does, exactly but I did see something that was interesting to me, and this is around the concept of Demographics.  And language usage.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 5.58.23 PM

I did a little research to see what the ads were looking like, here and read this piece.

So I am looking at a banner ad.  The question would be do I WANT to brand with that company?

Perhaps I don’t.

In this case I would want control over what is on my page, and I am assuming that the Business version of WP would allow for that.

So I would always want to be branded with WP, but not the company I see in the banner.

So here is how demographics work.

In my demographic we might not want that brand, and we might prefer that brand in a glass bottle.  (Because of too much plastic in the sea).

So in this piece from four years ago or so the author took it upon themselves to do a huge survey and it’s worth a read.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 6.13.23 PM

Further down on the page we see an ad that does fit with my demographic.  How this got there is because I was actually looking at that company a week or so ago?  As with anything you look at in the web, it tends to pop up in ad form.  I would not mind branding with say that company or Williams Sonoma.  Why?

I might like or buy a product from them to cook with.

So for me, “Taste” in terms of who could advertise matters.

So I saw something over at Jetpack yesterday.

It was under the Proofreading function about editing?

Editing of content, and I felt, well, how does this work with various demographics when it comes to WORDS themselves.  WordPress is ABOUT using Words.  The red line is fab.  The green may not be?  Here is why.  As a writer you want total freedom to express and suppose you wanted to speak of the poet e.e. cummings who broke all grammar rules?

So “realness” and language use as human beings.

Eventually most of us will try our hand at doing a paint project on something, be that a wall or canvas.

For me as an artist, doing a redesign has required much thinking from an artistic standpoint on this paint project I am doing.  I am using more than one brand of thing for this.  So there are many things I could talk about such as all the paints, how I did something, how I chose the palette and so forth.

What I like best about WordPress is the “realness” of the writers.

Okay so back to that ad site to show you another picture.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 6.15.08 PM

This ad appeared at the bottom.

There are three ads I saw.

Of the three only one mattered to me.

I would not “click through” via the blog?

I know where the shop is here in town.  Seeing the ad did not help me either decide to go shopping at that store to buy the little tomato shaped pot I thought was cute and looked at once, not the charming pumpkin and tomato tureens I like at Williams Sonoma.

So this is where Advertorial comes in.

If the blogger had waxed rhapsodical and meant it over one of these products?

I would sense what Demographic I am looking at quite easily.

Around the purchase of the paint.

I did not go to a Big Box style store to make the purchase.

I went to a very small Hardware store here in town where my demographic likes to shop.

The closing of the chain Orchard Supply Hardware has made me very sad of late.  My demographic is nostalgic for much simpler times.


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