“Realness” and Advertorial, Demographics

Realness in the Web.  What does that mean for human beings?  What does that mean across all demographics?  Across age groups?  Across human lives, and adding in Semantics and language.

So when I first “entered” the web as a writer, it was “myself” but I chose a nom de plume like many writers do.  This last year, I decided to “drop” that.  So  FB is “realness” and now this blog is also “realness” – this is a difficult concept to grasp given these times we all seem to be in.  Realness is better.  Realness is Really YOU.

Okay so, I would never have thought at one time I would want to monetize “myself” but now I do.  In life you know, we go through so very much.  Educations, careers, relationships – across “time,” but what humans go through is pretty much the same?

They face the same things, the same basic emotions, the same wants and drives, loves, feelings of sadness, all of it.

This last year I took two books with me to the SB Writers Conference.  I have a short story in both of them.  So, here are pictures of those book covers.


Story is “A Little Irish Honey” and here is the book over in Amazon.  I loved the cover an that book.  https://www.amazon.com/Book-Lovers-Stories-Under-Covers/dp/158005529X

Before that I was in this one for “Flowering”  https://www.amazon.com/Mammoth-Book-Quick-Dirty-Erotica-ebook/dp/B00OGUT3I0/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1535982285&sr=1-1&keywords=Quick+and+Dirty+erotica  I wasn’t crazy about the cover on this one.  Really.

Being a writer is not the most “money making” thing I have ever done, believe me.

But it might be one of the most fun.


So anyway, the persona of my old blog.  It is hard to believe I did that much writing here in WP.  That thing was like a running scroll.

So when you look at yourself in the web what do you see?

Little pieces?

Little things you said or felt?

Groups of people you used to know or still do?

So anyway.


I was thinking this morning I could probably do that with Advertorial copy.

So this is a new frontier, but I want my old blog there too?

That is like my history, oddly so.

So I am reflection on all the short stories I wrote that were published and the little book I put together that is in Amazon.  Imagine if those were translated?  I mean that would be ‘global” audience for me.

As a writer.

So anyway more thoughts on this, because I’m sick of not working.

It was a pretty big deal becoming a published writer, it really was.

The FREEDOM in being a writer is that you write anything you want.

So last night I was looking at my old presence in the web as a screenshot of  “Valentine Bonnaire”  I’m not sure how it would be to “integrate” that blog into this one or even how.  I was thinking I should pay to keep that alive?  Except that this is my new blog home.  https://valentinebonnaire.com/ Imagine that was me in WP since 2007.  I think it might have been New Year’s Day when I started it.   That is coming up on 12 years soon.  It’s just wow, when I think of this and how much time.


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