Concepts in Advertorial, from Advertising – WordAds

Again some thoughts for WP admins and all others.  Have a few pix for you today but also showing a few experiences as well over last few days.

#1 I am not sure why any email I get from WordPress goes to the spam folder, and I really don’t like that.  I rarely check email.  It bores me to do so.  More and more any talking I do is behind the scenes in Facebook, as it is really fast.

#2 I would prefer to have a conversation right here at my blog.  Ease!

#3 I decided I would go look at my email yesterday, specifically for WordPress and I noticed that it is similar to what FB does there, EXCEPT!  I got an email asking me to join a group called WordAds.  In WordPress.  I accepted.  Really happy about that.

Okay so shows you the Pilgrim’s Progress via screenshots, and talks a bit about ads and demographics.  Who is the market?  This is the first question.  In Demographics being in WordPress represents a segment of the population.  Key concepts = Freedom + Elegance + Ease – so in a sense the advertorial “WordAds” represent readers who choose to BE HERE vs other things.

In a way, your blog is YOUR BRAND.

Your blog is your brand under the WordPress Brand.

I would never want to NOT ADVERTISE WordPress itself at the bottom footer on my pages.

That is called “BRAND LOYALTY.”

I would always want the logo for WordPress in my footer, and so I did that.  It signifies my own brand loyalty.

What are demographics?

Demographics are “like groups” under various umbrellas, but they are not sheep.

For instance, I am loyal right now to Valspar Paint for the exquisite quality and texture.  Now let me show you some pictures.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 3.55.01 PM

This is their presence on Twitter, which I am no longer using at present.  You are looking at the company “advertising” itself.  One of the things I noticed was that they had developed a BPA free can for the paint?  This matters to my demographic.  We would see that as “GOOD.”  So, demographics are about finding a “niche” that is “like you.”

Advertising is about “selling something” to others.


I loved that the invitation was in my email so I joined!

Here is that picture.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 5.35.05 PM

This is what I meant yesterday about “goodness” in the WordPress world.

It’s made up of like minded people under the WordPress brand.

My sentiments exactly here:

I hope it is the same Mr. Burke mentioned in this article.

Thank you for the invitation to the WordAds Group.

I have some more visuals upcoming that are screenshots for you.

I’ll talk some more about what I think in terms of design and why WP is the most elegant place to run Advertorial.

I ❤ WordPress

Very glad to have met Jon Burke –


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