Learning to sell on WordPress

This is for the WordPress admins and also for myself as rank beginner in the new world that is Gutenberg, so learning curve, what I think I know, things I don’t know how to do, things I would like to do, and so forth.

I never thought that I would want to actually monetize my blog, but this year I do.  So, here goes.  The idea that my books or short stories might be able to be SOLD from my PAGE here in WordPress changes many things for me.  I am so tired of working for free for others, like you can’t believe.

My question has a great deal to do with Amazon this morning.  So my little short stories were all published as I said, and I gathered them together in a book – doing this was not easy trying to use so many different programs to collect the texts, and so many different computers along the way.  There has to be an easier way and I think Gutenberg is it.

So, I googled myself this morning again.

I got this:


Because the top row does have to do with ME, but, what do the numbers mean from Google?

Those could be book sales?

Who knows what that means.

Where is the money?

So here is the deal.

At the SB Writers Conf this year there was a printer from Bakersfield in the bar very late on the last night of the Talent Show who said, “I can print your books” and I thought how fabulous.

Then, when I signed up for Gutenberg I saw news on WordPress and selling on WordPress by a company here in town called “FastSpring” – I liked that they were “real” in terms of Better Business Bureau and that was like “Wow!” but I no longer trust Amazon. I really don’t.  So that purple book in the top row?  Well that got a review over at Big Brain Erotica that was so stellar I fell off my chair.  I am not good at self-promotion, really I am not.  It’s considered impolite.

I want to sell the books in a new way and that means Woo Commerce but I’m not sure what steps to take next?

For instance would I buy the SEO Business WordPress?

I am really willing to do that.

I want to see sales.

So hugs!

I want to see GLOBAL SALES outside of the Amazon universe.

I think that might be FastSpring?

Any help is appreciated, so anyway – the market for a writer IS GLOBAL, and the new ability of WordPress with that “Pay Button” for advertorial also is.  I am feeling so sad here in California.  Every day I see people begging on the streets for food, nobody has a job anymore.  Orchard Supply Hardware is closing all the stores.

Trying to keep upbeat but it is so hard.

The thing is WordPress has always made me feel upbeat.

My blog was a place for ANYTHING since 2007.

So letting you know my thoughts as I try and figure out next steps.

In the meantime I am doing a craft project with the most incredible chalk paint.  I got this color called “Bliss” – it’s a blue that is so gorgeous, I can’t wait to take the pix and show you.  So, it’s almost September.

Apple Pie season.

Trying a WordAd Advertorial



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