WordAds, new Gutenberg blog, learning curve

So, Premium has some things I can recognize that I have been seeing for ages, and some things that I have no idea how they work.  So showing the pictures of those to the admins at WordPress.  One thing I have always loved about WordPress is that people share information very readily on how to do things.  So I know that I can research “what” these things actually are, right here in the search space.  I remember back to 2007 and the way it looked behind the scenes – there were two people I really liked here?  One was Lorelle and the other was Raincoast, I think the name was raincoast, or Raincoaster?

I felt that second person might have been from the Pacific Northwest based on the totem he used?

Now it is different, but if I searched I bet I could find them in Google.

So for me, Gutenberg IS ME, and I stand behind every single one of the words I have ever written either as my nom de plume or right now.

So the “tech” types have built all these apps and plugins and the learning curve for one like me is huge because “tech” was never my field to begin with.  What made WordPress easy was the PEOPLE that were here.  So it was a friendly place, right from day one in 2007, for me.   So today’s pictures.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 12.49.52 PM

This is what I mean by Global Reach.  On the peachy bar above the orange bar?  What I think that might mean?  Is that WordPress admins are in the peach space.  I remember once I used the word Ma.tt and saw he came by.  I like the peachy bar.  Because in this era “WORDS” matter.   Also, not scrubbing the web.  I think this is what Open Source means.  So somebody over in Egypt just read something I wrote.  Because of the translators?  Or maybe they spoke English and could read it.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 12.51.15 PM

I searched for Jetpak.  Look at the bottom of the page.

So because I am not tech, seeing “this feature is not available” is a warning?

Right now we are in a time when information is being controlled?  It seems to me that this is what Open Source is fighting.  Hence Firefox and WordPress.  I am trying to find out what Jetpak is as relates to WordPress only, but yeah, now they are making the actual jetpacks.  Many of the words “coined” for the internet are words you have to know, or look up using things like Urban Dictionary and so forth.   These are “generational” style tech words.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 12.52.17 PM

Began to watch first video and got a screenshot for WP admins.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 12.52.49 PM

Saw human being talking!

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 12.54.59 PM

this next one took a really long time to start, but I saw the ad at the top to the right on essential plugins!

Once I saw the plugins that were only for Business, this is how I have made my decision.

The top two pages I am not sure what they are for?

For today I am going to add the feedback page, if I can figure out how.

So, this is kind of how I have learned WP on this new Gutenberg deal.   I have no idea what all the plug ins are?

I really don’t!

I’m not kidding and I wouldn’t know which ones to get?

It seems like I would want those, though.

I can see that I have Jetpack BY WordPress as “already here.”

Here is the good thing.  I clicked on one or two of those plug ins and it explains what they are, in written form here in WordPress itself.

So that is the FRIENDLY part that WordPress has always been for me.  Since 2007.

Learning curve, hoping I am helping WP admins understand what a non-tech type like myself goes through, not kidding and hope I made you laugh!

What I am loving about Gutenberg

Again this post is for WordPress Admins, as it is a learning curve for me, and they can see how I am using it.  The first time I ever blogged was 2007, and it was on WordPress.  I think I might have made something that year over on Google as well, that year – but WordPress is my HOME.

So I made the blog because I was a published writer under my nom de plume Valentine Bonnaire in case anyone ever wanted to find or talk to me.  My blog covered so many different things, politics, recipes, I mean it is hard to count the number of things or even lump the blog into anything as just “one thing” at this point.  I wrote a ton of stuff from my MA in Depth Psychology over in that blog as well, so let me say how I use search engines to find things I wrote once upon a time – in Google.

Why I love WordPress is because of the search strings done with words?

So if I wanted Valentine Bonnaire Depth psychology object relations semantics cognition because I wanted to go backward to something I had said as scholarly that is how I can.  Who knows if I might put a book together on that sort of research in the future?  I might.

So, the “realness” and yesterday and day before around WordAds – two cool people have come by, one was from North Carolina, a state I think is fab and she talked about how she uses WordAds, and then another guy came by who is making T Shirts and doing Graphic Design – on both I could click through to their gravatars!  So here is a picture of the second guy today and see, because of the Gravatar I could go meet him in Facebook so I am loving THIS FEATURE of Gutenberg like you cannot believe.  Also in Facebook I have joined a group for Woo Commerce and people are talking about that – so the WordPress/Facebook connection makes total sense to me.

So, for you admins, here are my pictures today.

I think I might need the Business “WordPress” more than the Premium?

I’m not sure yet what it means about “adding Plugins” or even which ones I would use, however the BIZ WordPress seems much better for a writer.  These are my thoughts this morning.  I remember that I loved when I saw WordPress had made a thing like that.  I feel that in this desperate economy in America WordPress is the best thing that ever happened for guys like the T Shirt guy or myself.  As far as company loyalty goes, mine is to WordPress, and Firefox “first” and everything else “after.”  This is because the concept of “Open Source” means much to me.  I think what it means has to do with the search strings?

So for instance if someone wants to read about that and they knew my name and MA degree they could read me on Depth Psychology and trust the research that I did on my old blog.

So when I say I ❤ WordPress it is for those reasons.

Also it really makes me smile when I look at all the people who are WordPress people all over the world, and the founder of WordPress.

Okay so for me I want to sell books and maybe short stories that can be translated into all the languages?

I guess what I am is a “long form” style read.

The tools that WordPress gave me starting in 2007 as a blogger made things so easy to be a writer, like you cannot believe.  In the scholarly sense.

In 2018, WordPress is going to allow me to have a small business?

What could be better than that.

So my pics!

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 10.48.27 AM

Because he has a Gravatar he is REAL and the link over into Facebook is also real.

That is the T Shirt guy.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 10.48.52 AM

How I was able to click through over into Gravatar, on the T Shirt guy, and saw he was real.

I ❤ WordPress.  I think that Matt is a genius, and all of the people who associate with him are very fine people.

I hope I am helping WordPress by writing how a “non-tech” type is using the new Gutenberg system.   Another thing I have noticed when reading certain news stories?

They are using WordPress, because I have seen “my site” up in the corner at the top bar.

So I really really liked that Matt is behind the Whitehouse.gov information pages.  I really liked that.

As soon as I found that out I said something in FB about that.

Okay more of the learning curve today around advertorial.

Also, this morning.  Yesterday I looked at Jetpack and a few other things.  I noticed this morning while I was watching a video in youtube that Jetpack was being marketed to ME.  That was okay, I am not sure what Jetpack is, but I know it is associated with WordPress and so a good thing.  Next time I see that I will do a screenshot, so you can see in here, in Gutenberg.

Advertorial test WordAds, continued…

Okay so good news on the Facebook front.  One of my friends did a “like” on the piece I FB’d and she is here in America.  I don’t think she clicked through, or I would have seen that in the stats.

Pic of that.

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 5.24.23 AM

So, what I put through FB was not “linked” to clickable sources.

I wish I could understand what WordAds look like on a page?

That would be useful.


I’m not sure what Premium actually does, or the difference to Business actually does.

Researching a little this morning.

The learning curve is steep!

However, taking more pictures of today.

You can laugh now.

Okay I’m seeing this:

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 6.00.45 AM

I have no probs telling WordPress Admins that I can’t understand this.  Really.

Looked up this:

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 6.08.41 AM

Went over and checked out a few other sites to see what they look like.  I don’t want my WordAds to look like their pages do.   I used to work in advertising?  So I feel it should be integrated and seamless on the advertorial – this is difficult to explain.  Okay showing you what I read next, by searching for news on WordAds…

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 6.19.11 AM

This is a great article.

Okay so – not understanding what Domain Mapping is, not understanding what Premium is, not understanding if I need something like Blue Host and not understanding if I need to upgrade to Business for the SEO part.

Here is how I am feeling.

I want a really elegant site?

I’m not sure if my theme design is compatible with the WordAds concept?

For instance, if I were to blog about products they will be ones I have actually used?

This could be anything that I like or believe in.

How I am understanding the power of these ads as “translatable” across GLOBAL?

This would make branding with anything very valuable.  Very expensive for the advertiser.  They are getting “WORDS” that can go out across the world into all the different languages.

It’s amazing actually.

Testing and trying WordAds two ways

So this is for WordPress Admins because I represent the average “non-tech” user is my guess, so I don’t mind talking about the process of finding my way in Gutenberg as I go.  In my earlier blog Valentine Bonnaire if I was doing a scholarly article I would link sources, so my guess is that this would work better if I was linking to things?

That isn’t hard for me to do.

I’m going to go back and make links to what I said yesterday and see if that changes the stats.  I wrote a little thing about choosing Valspar paints based on the gorgeous colors, but I did not run it through Facebook – today I will FB that, and it will be linked.

Things I do not understand yet?

Woo Commerce and how that connects or does not connect to WordPress Premium.

What is Blue Host and do I need it?

How does monetizing a blog actually work?

So the way that Gutenberg works is a bit different behind the scenes as I set up this blog.  I plan to keep it for many years, but in a sense it is like starting over, so brand new.

Right now FB and WP are the only two things I am using, this may change in the future.  So yesterday there were no “stats” for what I wrote.  That’s okay, I was just looking and took a pic.

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 5.17.29 AM

So here is the test I will try.

I’m going to go back into yesterday’s post and link to all the things I might think would want to advertise as local and national.

I am going to see if doing that and Facebooking the post as a test changes the stats?

So, still finding my way in Gutenberg as I go.

I ❤ WordPress!

I do.