Good morning to friends

Good morning to my friends around the world.  I am trying a test to see if you can translate this message into your languages around the world.  Your help means everything to me at this juncture, for it means that my books can be translated.  If I were to tell you how happy I am about that?

Thank you so very much for trying this.

All my best to you,



Bless you, WordPress

peace - red rose
The rose art I used at my old WP blog

For my first post as myself, this is how I am ranking what I trust in the web.  I could talk for a long time about that, as my blog originated in 2007.  But I was writing under a nom de plume, because I was published first in the web as that name for some short stories of mine.  That isn’t all I write.  This last June at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference I made the decision to only write as my real name.

The very fact that has made something called Gutenberg? ❤

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