Memoir #NewspaperPeople *notes, NaNoWrImo2021 using First Person POV

So yesterday, and for the last few days, I have been writing vignettes over in Facebook on my page. So grateful to NaNoWriMo, like you would not even believe it so this is who I am in there:

So, I am also so grateful for WordPress right now. The main two things I use are Facebook and WordPress. For writers, WordPress is the most amazing thing ever invented. Because it’s the blank page!

My first blog was under a nom de plume I had, from 2007,and I wanted to create a place, so that is Valentine Bonnaire. But in that blog I wrote all kinds of things including Depth Psychology things, and they are still there because, some of that stuff may be turned into books. So, man do I love WordPress and I never fail to say it. This novel is going to be written here in WordPress, so it is live.

Thank you, for being such a generous kid, and fantastic grown up.

So yesterday, I tried out the new podcast thing and over in FB I have some of the text as vignettes because we will not start writing until the morning of Nov 1.

I have a new Peter Pauper Press journal. The cover is Klimt’s “The Kiss” one of my faves. I used to have it up on my wall as a young Art History student in the 1980’s. So that looks like this:

So I just made a podcast in Spotify where I talked about writing and I am so gratful to I mean? That’s how a writer who can read poems and stuff. I used to use Soundcloud, but this could not be more fab. Also I FB’d it! Ha!

I will be writing the novel in here, because WordPress makes things sooooooooo easy!

And each day I will read the book as a live thing on the radio.


from Adrienne

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