Writing a new novel #Nanowrimo2021 #Newspaperpeople #preptober

So, premise for the novel is how we survive things. Like that first love that hurt you so much you thought you could never recuperate. For me that was an Art Teacher, and like all dumb girls who are the Muse to a much older married photography teacher, who lies to her, in order to have an affair he needs? This novel is FOR YOU.

Go ahead if you want and befriend me in Facebook if you want. So what I am writing is Second Wave Feminism circa post Roe v Wade years when I was a teen. College = 1979. I had already had a huge big job in Fashion, and the descision to go to college came because I worked at Henshey’s in Santa Monica, as an Assistant Buyer in the Junior Department. All the other girls my age were at UCLA. So, I dropped that Italian briefcase, and those fabulous leather boots, and I got a backpack.

He wasn’t my first relationship. I had had one that lasted three years before.

But he was the one that almost caused me to commit suicide.

So, it is so many moons ago now, I can write it. And in first.

This is for all the kids in their 20’s who feel really sad and lost right now.

So I always listen to music when I write. Writing the novel in First is like stripping off all your skin, it is such a close POV. Funny though, I can laugh.

The novel covers a twenty year period in Santa Barbara.

It’s University years, and getting the BA. It’s growing up. It’s getting a first apartment.

It’s the kind of love affairs we had in the years that were the turbulent 20’s.

Much love from Adrienne,

who is Adrienne Wilson in Nano. I entered Nano in 2009, and wrote Heart of Clouds a children’s book there, and I won! It was huge to me, back then. I was already a published writer, for my short stories that were Literary Erotica, at Cleansheets and ERWA, but to do a novel? So, here we go in the Preptober part!

I am so raring to go, the Muse is with me.


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