I am watching the Press Release from the President on Twitter, this morning. At this link: Before the rest of the news breaks today, the SHOCK to the State of California about what NEWSOM has said last night? That 56% of California will contract the virus?

The stark terror of what might happen next?

It’s impossible to even contemplate.

How many will be unemployed as a result of all stores shutting.

I am listening to the President talk about the millions of masks that have been ordered that will be shipped to the states.

As a Californian, and an American I have never been more terrified in my life as this moment.

I took some screenshots and have looked at local news.

I am listening to the President talk about people who will be paid to stay home from work. Except what does this mean for the businesses that will shutter? Half this town has vacancies as it is. Small business in Santa Barbara? Will they be ruined?

This is unprecedented and while we are all worried and staying in now, what will the FUTURE HOLD?

Really glad to hear Pompeo, and truthfully, Pompeo and Trump are the two I feel I can get the straightest info from. Pompeo “listen to what we say and report it actually” – this is SO important and I say this because I spent 20 years working for a Newspaper here in town. One of the problems right now is that people are NOT GETTING the same information. This is because we no longer really have a Press in the USA.

It’s also good to see Spicer in that Press Pool. I always really liked him during the 2016 years and I didn’t like how he was made fun of on SNL. I am sick of the comics frankly, I mean this is not even funny right now. This Fauci guy? It’s not the same as trust I have in the President and Pompeo.

Reporters asking “checks to Americans” – DT wants to protect workers and also the businesses.

Reporters asking now about $1000 check, DT responds “we are doing phases.” You can see that he really cares for the country and the workers.

DT speaking about the supply chains that have broken down. Around the world. 141 countries. Azar speaking about supplies, talking about what he has provided to governors. Pence now speaking 90% of Americans do not test positive for the coronavirus…

Pence – “Every governor needs to reach out to FEMA for the supplies – Regional administrators for FEMA have information. Have Pence and NEWSOM spoken? Maybe need to coordinate CALIFORNIA on the numbers because telling people that 56% of California will get the virus in next 8 weeks?

DT – “VENTILATORS” – now speaking about Carnival Cruises – “if we need ships for helping people, they would be willing. The big hospital ships in CA…. and NY harbor.

REPORTER ASKS “Could everyone be tested, and then those who don’t have it go back to work?” Concept is “Universal Testing” – DT “Not important that everybody be tested, if you feel great.”

END of Press Conference.

Okay so, now we have to wait on Newsom, and read the ledes? Because last night was the most frightening night as a Californian I have ever known, with what he said on 56% – Not kidding. Trump needs to assure California FIRST and NY in tandem that things will be okay. One look at the maps on this thing in Twitter? People are looking at those numbers go up and so scary not possible to even think? REALLY.

Following NOOZHAWK for LOCAL NEWS. This is Bill’s opinion piece:

It’s hard not being on Facebook at this time. I think seeing Bill’s face would help in there. So the way I am getting the local headlines is by using Google news, and then Local News. Pretty much we have the Daily Nexus (UCSB) Student Paper, EdHat and the Santa Barbara Independent. But I think all the California papers are important at this time. From Bill’s editorial – “

But as government at all levels — municipal, state and federal — increasingly embraces mandatory lockdowns instead of voluntary isolation, or precise restrictions on those most at risk, we the people will soon be faced with a choice none of us truly wants to make.

As a nation, we Americans are resilient and optimistic, and I put entrepreneurs and small business owners at the tip of that spear. We’ll power through a week, or even two weeks, of hardship because we don’t back down from a challenge.

But our country is nearing the point of no return with the coronavirus’ intersection with the economy and, so far, the government response — at all levels — seems to be one of acceptance.

Wrong answer.

With businesses slashing their operations or shuttering altogether, the unemployment rate skyrocketing and all-too-typical stimulus proposals missing the point, America simply cannot abide or afford a self-inflicted recession, let alone a depression.

The human cost of job losses is about to flip the concern over the health risks of the coronavirus, and reconciling those seemingly incompatible choices must be a prime factor in how we recover as a nation. I don’t know where we go from there, but it’s going to be a perilous trek and there’s no roadmap.”


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