A Pilgrim’s Progress in WordPress Gutenberg (for WordPress Admins)

I hope I made you laugh at that title.

But this is serious.   Because I love WordPress.  So I want to try and tell you of my experiences as I go because they might be of some value to WP, on the note that I might be an average user – so, here is a story about that, for you.

I will never leave WordPress.  I think it is the greatest thing ever invented?

Believe me when I say that, as a writer.

Believe me when I say that as a human being!

So let me tell you a story of entering the web, propre, and how I did once upon a time in 2001, because gee, that is now, 17 years ago.  Hard to believe.  I entered the web for a short story I wrote that was a serial called “Man in the Moon.” – that story was published at a place called “Cleansheets.com” – which no longer exists?  I wrote it in serial form and it was beloved over there.  The published writers there were very fine and so that is why I chose it.  I entered as my nom de plume “Adrianna de la Rosa” – author of the story.  So I entered the Web, but not as ME, except it was me.  You can see the first three chapters of that story in a book that was published, and I was paid $50 for it.

I began to write more stories, for the above site.  I was published.  It was huge to me.  So. 2001 is the second time I became a published writer.  The first was Junior High.  It was through that site that I met a bunch of marvelous writers and poets who also wrote for this site and I began to write over here?  Same joy at being published almost on a monthly basis by them for my short stories, some of which are archived in what they call the Treasure Chest.

In 2005, I began to attend the Santa Barbara Writers Conference.

Those are many of my friends you see in that image.

So, 2007 was the first year I found WordPress and frankly WordPress is the only place I have ever recommended to any of the writers I have met.

But let me show you how important WordPress has been to me, especially now that it is becoming Gutenberg.  I had two of my short stories actually published in Books in the time that I have had my WordPress blog as Valentine Bonnaire.  I was paid $50 for each of those as well?  A one time payment.  So since 2007, my income has been $150.  Really.

These are the books!  My short story “A Little Irish Honey” is in this one.

My short story “Flowering” is in this one.

I never thought $50 was exactly enough but, oh well.  The Publishers make money on the anthologies, not the writer.  I was glad to be published.   So that is one part of the history of the Writer Adrienne D. Wilson.

Now for the WordPress part. ❤

WordPress has been my total constant since 2007.  I made my blog in case anyone who had ever read me wanted to leave a comment?  But WordPress has been home to my everything, since.  That is only one genre I have written in while I learned to become a writer?

I have written two novels while I had my WordPress blog, over in Nanowrimo.

I have written reams of Depth Psychology interventions, because I got my MA here in 1998.

So, right now I cannot tell you how very happy I am to have always had WordPress as my HOME.  It has been!

So let me show your admins a few pix of that.

I hope this is a testimonial to you, for you WordPress.  Just thank you.

You have been my “blank page” for years, that all writers need.  You have been like opening one of my journals and drawing and writing in it while I was thinking.  Only you are “in here” versus on my desk.

So I looked at my domains this morning and this is a screenshot of what I saw.

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 9.11.49 AM

I am going to be able to maybe sell my writing?

Can you even imagine how happy that makes me?

So here is what you have done, as “my home.”

This is Valentine Bonnaire:

My search from Google this morning!  “Documented.”

And her transition to her real self, thanks to WordPress, as in FOREVER.

Why do I think “Gutenberg” means everything?

After (and during the time I was a student) I graduated from UCSB in 1984 –  I worked HERE. For 20 years.

Right now the only two REALITY BASED places for me in the WEB are FB, because that is ME, and WordPress, because that is ME.

I have no idea what all of you are going through as companies with Twitter, but that is a story for another day.  WordPress you mean everything to me, as an American writer.  Just everything.

Bless all of you,

from Adrienne

and note to your Admins, this is “internal” for all of you, so not tagging except for you, as in a category I will make called “WordPress Gutenberg”

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 8.45.11 AM

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 8.43.57 AM

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 8.44.36 AM



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