For and WP admins re: Gutenberg/Censorship & Process & Progress new blog – thoughts

This is for all of you that run WP, and the one who invented it!

I ❤ WordPress like you cannot believe, and there are many reasons for that but let me just tell you I am tracking my progress as we go and also via the news and so your top tier will always be able to “hear me” on things.

It’s a very big transition for me to not be writing under my nom de plume Valentine Bonnaire and as my real self from now on.  Frankly the ability to write books is key from a place in America where publishing is basically dead?  It is.  So, Matt Mullenweg what I have to say to you is that you are much like T.M. Storke was – to me back in 1981 when I was just a kid and got my first real “long term” as in 20 year job, at an American newspaper.  Right now we are in a very strange era, like none I have ever seen and so you will be hearing me on this and many other things.  If I want to speak to, I will write like this.  I think AMP might have to do with that so I took a picture for you of what I saw.

I believe I had my WP way before I even knew about FB and Twitter or anything else.  I was published for short stories nearly monthly at a great place where many might see me as falling under the “banned books” category.  It’s been impossible to get a Literary Agent here in America and my disgust about this is unfathomable. However that is not the only thing I write.

I believed when I put my first little book into Amazon?  That I would get paid.  That wasn’t going to be “one cent” either.  So you have these ultra bazillionaires happening right now who have not been exactly fair.  Fine, jet off to space on the world’s dime., I don’t see you this way.  What WordPress is to me – on this Gutenberg thing.  Nothing could be more fine than what you have made.  Nothing.

Ray Bradbury – who I met at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference also had his books banned from time to time?  Well, I read him in the 1970’s in Junior High for a few of those.

I have degrees from very fine schools and you can see those over in FB.  Because if I really need to tell you something important, I am going to say that in a message to you in FB behind the scenes as I just did the other day.  My WordPress being in the SPAM folder?  This is not okay and that is my email out of COX here in America.  I have no idea why WP is not in my INBOX.  It should be.

I am loyal to WP because “CODE IS POETRY” – so while I have no idea how all of you do that?  I’m the poetry end.  So here is a review, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 12.05.24 PMfrom a Midwest guy on my book Gardenias that is sitting in Amazon.  Valentine Bonnaire has had a pretty big LITERARY presence as a writer.  The thing is, I also have some pretty big degrees, like my MA from Pacifica Graduate Institute – so notice my Twitter tag as you look down the page. – why is WordPress so important to me as a writer?

I say more through my fingers than in any other place.

This is important as regards yesterday and a few things going on “in the world” also what I saw – I said that in Facebook right on my FB page.  You can always search me that way.  I’m pretty sure the “Happiness Engineers” keep tabs and I’m very glad of that.

I talked about the site you built and why I am so glad WP made that.

So Twitter.  I want to talk to you about what happened in 2016 over there.  In this era?  I want to tell you what my experience of that place was, Depth Psychology interventions I made “IN TWITTER” and how I was censored BY TWITTER.  But not today.  I am really grateful to WordPress and I have been since 2007.  There is no other place in the web I could consider to be HOME, save WP.  I really mean that.

Consider this a note to WP itself, into the heart that is WP.



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