Thank you WordPress

I would be very lost without my WordPress.   Seeing my gravatar and being able to ask for help in Facebook meant everything to me over the last few days.  I am so loyal to WordPress this is hard to understand for most people who aren’t really writers.

My identity in the web started many years ago on a tiny Mac Performa computer when I was an intern therapist post my graduate degree at Pacifica Graduate Institute.  I was working and writing short stories became something I did as a creative person – these were published at a website that no longer exists – it was taken down.  You cannot imagine what it is like to lose a short story you can no longer access?

I have had short stories stolen.

I first wrote in the web under the nom de plume Adrianna de la Rosa at what was then a premiere site for fiction at – imagine what it is to go back over there looking for something and “poof” it’s gone,  when those were published works.  In fact, three chapters of the very first story I ever wrote?

That appears in this My first published short story – “Man in the Moon”

I wrote for some time at Cleansheets and then I joined, perhaps in 2003 or so – The Erotica Readers & Writers Association where I went on to meet fabulous poets and writers on a writer’s list and I really honed my craft as a short story writer.  By 2007 I had many words honed and by then had been published nearly monthly for everything I was writing.  I started my blog as a marker here at WordPress that year.

In that time, since that time, Valentine Bonnaire was my nom de plume.

WordPress is my HOME as a writer.  It has been since that time! ❤

I really have no idea how many things I have said since 2007, but my blog has run the gamut from limericks, recipes, investigative journalism, you name it.  WordPress is HOME more than any other place in the web for me.

One thing I wrote was a treatment plan (Depth Psychology) and many many investigative and diagnostic pieces for the problems I am seeing in the news stories that have to do with Depth or Ecopsychology – so…

Writing at WordPress is like silk.  Using this program is like silk and it has been as it evolved into tagging, categories, ways to link, art, I could go on.  WordPress is Illuminated Manuscript, not unlike they were when they were penned with the tools people had 1,000 years ago.  WordPress is Gutenberg in the era of the printed posters and the printing press itself.

In an era where there may be Censorship of the Press?

WordPress is now going to be a place to publish books.

So, here is the rose I leave behind from Valentine Bonnaire




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