Assessment tools for Depth Psychology and Ecopsychology

Let me show you some images. I began to be concerned about some of the art I was seeing in the web, because of the three colors in art related to images of the emo heart.

using word clouds to assess and treat for meaning, as reality testing

Jung considered colors along a spectrum as indicative of the state of psyche with black and red, along the spectrum as indicators of a very deep depression. But what concerns me most in these, is that I cannot see the eyes or the mouths, so I took some screenshots of the art I was looking at in a post 9/11 climate.

With the recent news stories about people crashing while driving on “auto pilot” in cars, I am wondering if they do not realize they are even driving.

It could be that a generation of children raised on these screens, with the intense focus at the screen, and the prescripted games do not have reality testing. When I say this, what I mean is that they may not be able to differentiate between what is “real” and not real.

For instance, on television, in the advertising, we see animations paired with live people as a kind of cute justaposition. But, we need to consider the cultural surround of a generation raised on games in the box.

Take a look at these images and it is very concerning. Yesterday I took some screen shots of this and wonder is it possible that a generation raised on boxes, could have eye problems and cannot see? When I have searched it is so dark, for them. So I began to try and understand about the eyes. many times the eyes are black holes. My sense of this, “can’t see.”

Now as a therapist working with a client, in Art and Narrative, you ask them, what does this mean? So, I once came up with a concept called The Alchemy Project and I made a blog post on that here in WordPress, but how we might something like a treatment or a cure? Well, we need to see what these things mean, and the only way to do that is to open up a dialogue about that. The blogs are a blank slate, where people might draw, or use collage to create a reality based self, by also using Narrative, or words. I have an idea that we might also be able to use the word collage tools to make an image, Of the words. That they might use when taliking? So I am going to try and find one and run my text in this post through it.

Thank you WordPress and for making this tool, I really mean that.


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