Heart of Clouds – do you believe in magic?

Takes you back, to a time when we were all so little, and we heard this. The actors that I sent the book to?

I meant it.

I meant every word I said. So, I have a reason for wanting to see this film realized, not just because to me those are some of the biggest stars on earth, but because of WHO they are as people.

I am making an intervention for the group that doesn’t know how to do things like Devlin and Teenie do. After the film, they will.

I wish you could have met my Dad or my Uncle, when I was little.

All day yesterday I listened to the music I was dancing around to at age ten or so. You might have been too, except some of you were a bit older than me, at that time. I just saw Swing Shift for the first time, yesterday, but Laugh-In, well my mom never missed it. Never. What a time that was. I guess I just want to say to you what beautiful people you are, okay, coffee and back to the page. Can’t wait to see what Viggo has done.

Jeff, Goldie, Robert, Viggo I meant it.

I know John Orland over in Facebook, and actually I bet you do too.

Losing Walter Halsey Davis, well. I know you feel this way, as well, when it is people you worked with.

My mother had just passed in the early years I met him at the Conference, and he showed us “Do You Remember Love” – yeah, I was the one in the audience who wept. I did yesterday again at the close of Swing Shift.

It’s all of you, and your performances.

It’s who you are, in this lifetime.


from Adrienne


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