Branding, Advertorial, Demographics, WordPress and reach, continued…

Good morning to friends around the world!


So, I have been talking in the last few posts from a branding viewpoint about ethics and advertising and what is called a testimonial ad.  I have been talking about paint, and that was Valspar paint, which I am buying to do over a very tired old room.  I’m doing this project myself as an artist and so this is where I think WordPress and the new Gutenberg style of doing things “mesh” but let me show you what I mean about “global reach” on something like this.

This was this morning:

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 9.22.50 AM

We talked about how companies are using advertising on Twitter, and looked at that.

Where do Testimonials and Advertorials meet in a field that has the incredible global reach WordPress has?

Well, you are looking at that in these stats.

But let’s begin to think about what that would look like in a Testimonial ad that was “branding” a page with an actual product.  I think the Portfolio concept is where I might write an advertorial campaign.

I am using many different things in this redesign that could be branded “to me” here in WordPress.  This design has global feel, because of where all the products originate and the stores they came from, so I would show that as well.

Let me show you the look of the first two painted doors and the paint I used, that I got from an antique dealer here in town.  It’s fantastic paint.  A joy to use, and my first time trying chalk paint.  It’s also made here in America, and I want to support as many of those companies as I can.


The chalk paint is NOT a Valspar product.  It’s by a company called Old Town Paints, here in California.  I’m going for a Delft style in the blue and white, the knobs come from India.

What does this have to do with Advertorial and WordAds?

The minute I start talking about what things I am using and the companies that made them?

Those are the ads that could run advertising on my page or buy space on my page.

In this way, it is ethical.

In this way it is not just any old paint company that hops aboard.

In this way the company is getting “intellectual  property” of the writer, and the work of the artist, but it is the artist showing you “how.”

When we think of Advertorial in this way it is a different animal altogether.

Like I said I ❤ WordPress for so many reasons you would not even believe it.









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